What Is Put On Heaps AT 75

Tractor gt 75, as well as on other crawler tractor, bulldozer equipment is hung. Most often, dozer equipment to the tractor 75 gm for the implementation of various works in industry and construction. For perform basic agricultural work blade is not required. Bulldozer equipment is part of the working equipment bulldozer. Working equipment is called earth-moving body, hinged front of base machine and controlled by a rope or hydraulic drive. By working equipment include: dozer oborudovanie.silovoy hood.

podvesku.mehanizm lifting and lowering a hydraulic cylinder. transverse beam. In addition, this includes accessories, hung behind the tractor (ripper) and attached to the bulldozer blade. It allows you to increase efficiency and productivity bulldozers in a variety of operating conditions the tractor equipped with bulldozer equipment 75 gm of three types: – BNDT-10 (ERA-42) – with the orbital blade (RS-42 with orbital blade). – BPDT (WHD-42P) – with angledozers (RS-42 with a rotary blade).

– Be – Universal equipment angledozers with gidroperekosom. DT-75 tractor with dozer equipment moves the primers I and II categories, makes planning the work, takes off the ground, constructing the embankment, digging trenches and fell asleep and pits, easily able to move gravel and other bulk construction materials, as well as to clear the roads of snow and do many other activities in industry and construction. DT-75 tractor with dozer equipment can be used on snow retention, as well as for basic farm work (when removing the blade). The basic modifications to the installation of bulldozer equipment are: – tractor DT-75DERS2 with reverse gear without a back gidronaveski – tractor DT-75DERS4 with reverse gear and back gidronaveskoy.