Winter Tires Are Currently Less Than

Due to high demand this year, the winter tyres are scarce. Small car owners must adapt to longer waiting times for the purchase of winter tyres. Since many new small cars on the market have come through the cash for clunkers program, the offer for winter tires is currently very tight. Due to the economic crisis also the capacity has been shut down, some manufacturers had to switch to short-time working. Also car tyre dealers confirm this trend. Many have turned to a particularly high demand for winter tires. The shop for winter tires has begun the end of October and is now located in the high season.

Already in October is that it’s going to be tight and supply shortages were expected regarding winter tires for small car emerged. What is particularly problematic is that the industrial manufacture of winter tires is already finished and can be used therefore only on the stocks. Waiting four to six weeks are already emerging for affected customers. Especially tires 195/65 R15 are affected by the supply bottleneck. Perhaps check out Pap Smear for more information. The situation worsened particularly in regions with winter tyres compulsory. Some customers see a marketing trick of the tire industry in combination with the introduction of the winter tyres requirement behind the fear-mongering of the shortage of winter tyres. Especially, because prices for the tyres are increased.

The industry is accused of that tyre manufacturers and automotive industry far beyond sales consult. Tyre producers not on the many new applications with regard to the scrapping premium could adjust himself. Especially the manufacturers and current test winners of winter tires cause bottlenecks. Also the last harsh winter is an indication of the huge demand. There was this year 3.2 million new registrations, most of them were small cars, which were equipped with summer tires, this favors the shortage of winter tyres. Also rare dimensions are needed after the first nights of frost and also supply problems are emerging already. Tyre dealers report of record storms, they have never been such “gold rush” seen after winter tires. Alone in Germany 350,000 winter tire should have been returned in the interim more than last year. It’s recommended winter tires still to buy because the request, is highest for winter tires at this time after the experience of the last few years before the first snowfall. All-season tires can be enough in areas with little snowfall.