Chinese Medicine

Moxa therapy of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is Moxakraut (Mugwort herb) in over acupuncture points burned to eliminate Kaltesymtome in the body that old system of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is thousands of years is also in the West their way is gaining among us more and more. And although the traditional Chinese is very different from our debt medicine they are nevertheless not incompatible, but can complement rather useful. The classical methods of applying TCM is called the moxa therapy or even moxibustion. This Moxakraut (Mugwort herb) is burned in different forms over certain parts of the body, usually on acupuncture points. You may wish to learn more. If so, Dean Ornish M.D is the place to go. One distinguishes between cold – and heat-diseases in TCM. Cold-related diseases caused by an external factor such as cold wind, or by lack of certain substances.

With the moxa therapy are particularly cold diseases goal the moxa is treated according to TCM treatment the blood flow is to support, the Chi”to strengthen, to distribute cold and eliminate, and thus relieve the associated symptoms. The moxa has herb both internally as well as externally properties warming this herb. The methods of applying the moxa therapy are relatively different. In the moxibustion with Moxakegel, the therapist of to cone-shaped small Moxakraut sets the appropriate acupuncture points. The cones are lighted until they slowly burn out. As soon as the patient feels a sensation of heat, slide the cone to the next point of therapy. Something simple is the treatment with Moxazigarren.

When ignited the therapist here a Moxazigarre and approaches the glowing tip the therapy point about half a centimetre. Areas of application of Moxa therapy include: exhaustion colds or respiratory pain (such as tension headache) for tension, spine problems) should be applied urinary tract infections and gynecological problems Moxen at: fever in acute inflammation It is sensitive in pregnancy in severe nervousness or insomnia, high blood pressure in open wounds and bad durchblutetem through tissue as well as poor wound healing in infants because your skin is. Diabetic should also not gemoxt, because here often are sensory disturbances and thermal perception is impaired, also diabetics often suffer from delayed wound healing.

Wander Through The Art Of Slowness:

“Exhibit work of the Hamburg-based painter Linde Hartmann in the Segeberger Kunstverein, Villa Flath from 2nd to 22nd June 2013 the Segeberger Art Club opening on June 2nd from 11: 00 Villa Vlath, Bismarckallee 5, 23795 bad Segeberg stroll”, as a metaphor, the almost forgotten art of leisurely and aimless Strip through the landscape, this title combines all works on display. As an experiment, Linde Hartmann Bild am image is based on the same basic design of linear fits. It can be always repeated views of an Oregon grape outside the window which mingles with different inner images at different time and shows the various types of perception of the moment. New chains of Association arise. The image as a starting point and projection at the same time. Another aspect of the work of Linde Hartmann is the complexity of seeing. All sensory experiences are enrolled in our reputation.

We find still figures in the large-format screen that indicates the title of the exhibition strange in the movement, each in a individual and while stylized formulation between contemplation and expression started. About the image base, a variety of small forms spins as second level as a network. You may wish to learn more. If so, Preventive Medicine Research Institute is the place to go. They overlay, zip and shimmer, dance and tumbling and point to the complexity of looking. Through the elaborate filigree exaggerations, time in the image is specifically enrolled in the painting process. The exhibition rooms of the Segeberger Kunstverein in the Villa Flath provides a warm atmosphere for the work. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Donald Sussman.

The adjoining garden invites to reflection about the pictures and the own life. To make discoveries, the artist: one of the happiest moments in my life. Includes intense to live the here and now. I have never ceased to be, which playing strips through the meadows or on the Jetty lies the child, and absent-mindedly marveled at the nature in her infinite variations. All these aspects incorporated into my artistic work”. Born in Eisenberg and grew up in Mecklenburg, Linde studied Hartmann in the early 1980s painting at the Leipziger Hochschule fur Grafik und Buchkunst. Linde Hartmann lives and works in Hamburg since 1988. For more information see and > Invitation (PDF 180kB) Manfred Hartmann


Since the German North has other summer holidays, as the German South this week is not the same. AB Germany-Nord and Germany Center we chose the school vacation week 20th July to 27 July both Saturdays. Also on Saturdays, we booked the school holiday week from August 3 to August 10 sample from Germany-South. As German airports, we chose for Germany North Berlin or Hamburg, Germany Center Cologne or Frankfurt and Germany South of Stuttgart or Munich. As travel destinations, we chose the well-frequented destinations like London and Mallorca, as well as for Vueling Barcelona (Vueling flies to Majorca nor London!). The price of the cheapest Direktflugs on this day and at this track we recorded from Germany-North, Mitte and Sud and the calculated from the three bookings by cutting price. The price of the test booking incorporated way, twice in the overall score.

Our opinion especially the price determines at which airline I book a course? Gadjo major price of test booking was rated 1 rated, the highest note 4 clicks to book: how many clicks do I need up to the Completion of the booking on the Internet? How many Pop-Ups must I click away? How often are annoying extras such as car rental or travel insurance imposed on me, I don’t need? How often I should check mark”under policies set or special requests or off off select? What Internet sites, however, are clearly structured? What website focuses on the essentials? Pages here the best cut to 30 clicks, pages 45 clicks received note 5. See Dean Ornish M.D for more details and insights. destinations: how many European destinations flies to the airline from Germany? Thus, how big is your offer for all Fernwehgeplagten? Who has the most direct connections to the beach and Sun? Lufthansa and AirBerlin can boast here extremely over 100 destinations, while the still rather insignificant low-cost provider Vueling with only four destinations on place backmost ranks. TARIFF structure: This map has us interested, the fare structure is as open and what fares are offered? While Ryanair is limited to only a fare, you can at Lufthansa and AirBerlin can choose from four tariffs. Ever more expensive it is, the more options for rebooking, cancellation, and the more luxurious seat pitch, etc. To broaden your perception, visit Donald Sussman. Graded we don’t have this category for the overall assessment. TICKET change: If you book a more expensive, flexible tariff, must repeatedly reposting this and cancel, as he wants to.

At low rates or bargain prices, however, a subsequent ticket changes and cancellations is often no longer possible. A transfer posting only on the long-haul, but not on medium – and short-haul is available on some fares. Of course for a rebooking and cancellation charges are extremely varied. During the transfer, we have individually rated each tariff and it made an average mark. Could rebook at a rate free of charge a transfer to a tariff surcharge was note 1 for this tariff was possible up to 30 euro note 2, conceded the airline fee until 45 euro note 3, note 5 Note 4 and over 60 euros was 60 Euro a

More Sophisticated Equipment

BWE Symposium wind power service maintenance operations technical, legal and competition changes shape 2013 to change in terms of wind power, service and maintenance. The growing size of the wind turbines is obvious: rotor diameter of 140 meters and overall height of up to 200 m have become the norm. In this sense, not only the structural requirements of the Foundation structures rise, but it changed the requirements to the testing of towers and foundations as well as the timely and reliable repair in case of damage. New, sophisticated rehabilitation concepts establish currently on the market. Read more from Dean Ornish M.D to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Not without hurdles is the exchange of large components, such as gear and rotor blades, alone because of the growing size and weight of these components. New transport and crane transports are here desperately wanted and tried.

These developments are accompanied by the innovations in the maintenance policy of the TR7 and the revision of the DIBt directive for the periodic inspection. Donald Sussman shines more light on the discussion. To wind power To facilitate the understanding and access to the various guidelines, service industry, Bundesverband WindEnergie formulated even different principles to the recurring inspection, to the issues surrounding the inspection certificate, to clarify the inspection intervals and the scope of the tests. Parallel to these technical aspects of the full maintenance contract in the wind power service area is important: in the scope of services is not so self-evident as the term of the full maintenance suggests: the availability guarantee and the extent of the major component change must be individually negotiated and adapted to the needs of the individual wind farms. At the latest at this point, the selection of wind power of service company plays a crucial role: man places his trust in the manufacturer as the operator or the manufacturer-independent service provider? Service survey of the Association’s current wind power wind energy reflect the industry situation as follows: under the manufacturers the Abraham group Enercon, is unchallenged at the top in the midfield are GE Energy, Nordex and repower systems; the final field form Vestas and Siemens. It is noticeable on the ratings that catch up with the manufacturer over the independent service providers. Currently the perspective is for the latter, further to specialize in certain types of investment or generally to be working as subcontractors for wind turbine manufacturers.

“Given this interesting Bundesverband WindEnergie organized the Symposium wind power service maintenance operation” of the 28 29 may 2013 in Hamburg. Aims, together with wind energy operators, operational leaders, experts to discuss wind turbine manufacturers and wind power service companies the interpretation of new rules, to gain an overview of innovative rehabilitation methods of each major component and to understand how the cost will develop, service, maintenance and operation of wind power this year. Symposium wind power service maintenance operation date: 28-29 may 2013 place: Hamburg > about the program events wind power service maintenance operation/program the Bundesverband WindEnergie regularly network and education forums on current topics of wind energy conducts. Information about the registration and the complete event program of the BWE, see events contact: Thorsten Paulsen, head of events & corporate publishing Bundesverband WindEnergie e.V. service hotline: 030 / 20-164-222 E-Mail:

Fire Protection And Belu? Ventilation Fu? R The Viennese Underground

Colt International is responsible for all elements of fire smoke vent and the daily or rain-proof ventilation. Josyann Abisaab is actively involved in the matter. The Wiener Linien, the public transport system in the Austrian capital, operate in addition to buses and trams, one of the largest underground networks in the European Union. The construction of a sidings and revision Hall for the trains was planned in the course of the extension of line 2 in the direction “Seestadt Aspern”. In the huge building, that should go in October 2013 in operation, up to six long trains can in future turned off and two long trains are at the same time revisioned. The size and the scope of the project require a perfect coordination of dates for the completion of the individual trades of all participating companies. A special focus was placed on the daily ventilation and fire protection for the Hall. A complete flue and also a rain-proof ventilation must be ensured in such proportions absolutely reliably.

Smooth collaboration with builders and Planning Office the company Colt International is incorporated from the beginning of the project in the elaborations with the builders and the planning Office. With the extension of the U2, Wiener Linien opens GmbH & Co KG is one of the largest urban development in Europe, the “Seestadt Aspern” in the Viennese district of Donaustadt. On 240 acres of new accommodation for around 40,000 people including jobs created here. The technical equipment for fire smoke venting, to smoke, for the daily and rain-proof ventilation of the Hall comes from Colt international. Colt provides elements for smoke extraction and ventilation for all elements of fire smoke vent and the daily or rain-proof ventilation Colt international responsibility. First requirement was to demonstrate of a test in accordance with EN 12101-2. Overall, hood fan delivers the company 152 EuroCo fin fan or Weatherlite base modules, 300 Coltlite disc window 24 FCO ventilation jalousien, 3 Apollo. With An Extended Range In The New Web Site

Stylish gifts for the great milestones of Wurzburg life 26.02.2013 – the life of a man knows in a tradition-influenced society key stations and festivals. What is Eindrucklicheres there, as these milestones of life with symbols. You keep alive memories, give orientation and a sense of reliability. Festivals are occasions to present, gifts, liked and which at the same time expressing the symbolic value of this festive season. These claims meet the gifts by count shipping to the highest extent. Check with Professor Roy Taylor to learn more. The newly designed and technically how content revised homepage offers a number of religious and Christian gifts. The christening gifts range from the simple congratulations to symbolically decorated christening candles, baptismal crosses, and guardian angels. Gifts for first communion and confirmation, the wedding and the Christian feasts, Easter, Whitsun and Christmas are in large numbers and yet very clearly structured and presented for rapid orientation of the Web visitor.

Also anyone looking for Christian art in General, is Virgin Mary statues, carvings and statues of the Saints under the bullet points including Ore mountain folk art, South Tyrolean here find it. Filed under: Donald Sussman. We place the highest value on the satisfaction of our customers that applies to the clarity of our website as well as for the immediate execution of customer orders. “Not for nothing we have goods, delivery, customer service from the independent evaluation Portal trusted shops in all categories” get top marks. ” So Gerold Jager, Manager at count shipping. Further information at corporate Graf Graf motivation gifts shipping was founded in 2006 and headquartered in Wurzburg. The company trades with rosaries, motivation and Christian art on its Web site. Managing Director of the company is Renate Graf.

Oreal Hamburg

The aussenborder.TV realized portrait of the team riders Andre Vogelsang of Bergamont has been awarded 2013 a BCP-Silver Award. The award ceremony of of best of corporate publishing (BCP) took place on Wednesday, June 19, 2013, in Hamburg Schmidts Tivoli. It was hosted by news spokeswoman Judith Rakers. The Bergamont teams and the continuous promotion of driving talents have a high priority at the Hamburg-based bicycle manufacturer Bergamont. Aussenborder produces the rider portraits of the new “Bergamont Teamstories”, the Hamburg-based video and film production company.TV, underline this claim and take the audience into the world of the Bergamont cycling. The team of aussenborder turned to kick off the series.TV a portrait of the team riders Andre Vogelsang from the dirt and Slopestyle-team of the manufacturer, who after a lengthy injury back’s bicycle can rise, and accompanied him on his way back to the training. To broaden your perception, visit Newcastle University.

There are three more episodes of Teamstories for the year 2013″planned. The video is from Bergamont where since March completely homepage in a large teaser area on the input side (, as well as on the YouTube and Facebook presence of the company redesigned inserted. Also the video at fairs and at the P.O.S. is used. The video was conceived and implemented by aussenborder.TV, a young company based in Hamburg, Germany, that specializes in corporate storytelling and corporate videos. The clientele the Elbphilharmonie, Volkswagen, Drager, L ‘ Oreal, initiative media, Jung von Matt, belongs to the Hamburg media school u.v.m besides Bergamont. On the best of corporate publishing award of the BCP, the biggest CP competition in Europe is with more publications submitted as 640.

Since 2003, the Forum has corporate publishing (FCP) together with the leading industry magazines acquisa, horizon, W & V and the Swiss advertising week the best corporate publications from the German-speaking countries with the BCP best of corporate publishing award from. The coveted trophies are in 28 different categories and four times as a special prize awarded. About outboard motor.TV aussenborder.TV is a film production company based in Hamburg and a specialist in corporate films, corporate films and corporate storytelling in Web, mobile, social media and cinema. The company offers professional film and video productions, and Visual concepts for companies that want to delight audiences for their brand with journalistic moving image content. While the company uses mainly on video journalism at a high level. The work of Hamburg were awarded several times; the Bergamont corporate video is nominated for the German design award in 2014.

Natural Enhancement

Research has shown that this aforementioned plant contains Phytoestrogens, or plant natural estrogens. Found that these estrogens operate, as in Scarsdale diet, surprisingly in our breast enhancement products. This is because they are special to help in what refers to rejuvenate your body, especially for breast, skin, face, and hair. In other words, it helps to beautify your whole body; not only to enhance your breasts and your skin. Combined with the diet of soup, you can have a silky and well cared skin. While users of bust enhancement products will not see immediate results, the results will come. To read more click here: Professor Roy Taylor. And the best part is there is no involved risks of surgery, health, no need for a period of recovery, nor lose hours of work, scars or anything. Bust enhancement products can be used in the privacy of your home, and nobody has to know that you are using them, until the results start to become evident.

Your friends know it, though! later they would want to know your secret! Enhancement for the skin cream is an alternative to surgery. Bust enhancement cream has many of the same ingredients found in pills to enhance the bust, but in smaller amounts. Usually are plant estrogens which help the growth of the bust. Bust enhancement cream can contain ingredients such as dong quai root, blessed thistle, dandelion and kava. There are many other estrogens from plants that can be used in a bust enhancement cream. It is important to know the ingredients of any cream of enhancement of the bust that you consider using. Just as with any cream used for any purpose, it is important to investigate in search of ingredients that may be allergic. Go to Donald Sussman for more information.

People who are allergic to herbs should seek other alternatives for bust enhancement. Usually a bust enhancement cream applied twice a day for a period of three to six months. You will not see immediate results with a bust enhancement cream but a difference of surgery, will have no scars or recovery periods. Remember, however, that the results are different in each person and we recommend you supplement your usage with a diet healthy. Often a bust enhancement cream operates best if you are using other natural enhancers, such as specific exercises for that purpose. Bust enhancement cream users have reported firmer and softer breasts. We are all unique. You will find several manufacturers that offer breast enhancement creams. If you consider a cream in particular, inquire carefully the ingredients for safety, to find the most effective for you. This amazing cream is excellent to affirm and extend the bust and stretch the skin. Various studies confirm that this product has much success among women who want to enhance your bust. And it serves for all skin types. Ingredients: Pueraria Mirifica and other herbal extracts. Instructions: Use once in the morning and one at night. Apply over the area of the bust and masajee for 3 to 5 minutes until it has been completely absorbed. Original author and source of the article.


Physical appearance has played an important role during the development of the story, a clear example of this is currently makes obtaining a good job and the conception of a couple agree to it; for this reason the development of medical science has collaborated with the appearance creating disciplines so specific as orthodontics. Orthodontics is a specialty of dentistry responsible for the diagnosis, monitoring, treatment and correction of maxillofacial problems, some of these as the bad location of dental pieces, bite problems and jaw. Orthodontics makes its appearance in 1788 when the scholar physician Pierre Fouchard decides to focus its attention on the bone development of mouth, correcting dental malformations with the use of gold, tensioned by means of pieces of silver thread, for extended periods of time, thus the correction of teeth gradually. Although the first orthodontic instruments were a bit rustic, showed surprisingly advanced results for the time, although it should be noted that orthodontic processes were experimental. The great breakthrough of Orthodontics occurred after 1850 when the results of dental research showed noticeable results. From here the orthodontics begins the great heyday currently preserved. Advance orthodontics towards modernism occurred in the 20th century when the use of flexible materials that do not hurt patients is implemented, from there the use of plastic bands and the emergence of special instruments gave the perfect guide to become a conventional practice. Current Orthodontics will practice very often as a method of aesthetic improvement, since the results displayed by this discipline opened in a wide margin the relationship with other practices such as esthetic dentistry and oral surgery processes. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Donald Sussman.

Orthodontics currently plays a fundamental role in other disciplines of dentistry, such as the pediatric and general dentistry, it is shown as a process both to improve the part aesthetics as the oral health of any person. There is currently a branch of Orthodontics specially dedicated in implementing this in children; This practice is very modern and is displayed as an excellent option to prevent the emergence of problems at advanced ages. Orthodontics development various methods, they are: orthodontics of fixed appliances: it is based on stick over the teeth a few small metallic elements or plastics, that through elastic bands keep teeth in a constant treatment; This method is currently the most well known, since the majority of young people today have this treatment, usually referred to as braces. Removable orthodontics: removable orthodontics consists of a system of tooth alignment, made with pasta and a League that keeps teeth in a correct position, the advantages of this type of Orthodontics is that it allows to be removed to eat or make oral hygiene. Orthodontics not only is shown to us as an excellent choice to improve our image, but also as an optimum output to mouth problems.

Improve Vision Naturally

It is unfortunate that people today is seeking more invasive measures to improve eyesight. They are not only risky, but are also very expensive with no guarantee that their vision will be restored permanently. If you are contemplating surgery or just want to learn how to improve the view, of course, then this article is for you. Our eyes are like any muscle in the body, but it is very easy to forget to exercise them as soon as we use glasses or contact lenses. If you’re like me, the first things I used to do is reach my glasses as soon as he was out of bed.

Permanently stuck to me he wore contact lenses, that only creates more problems and health issues such as severe irritation, redness, and lack of oxygen to the eyes. When you understand that your eyes are like any other muscle in your body, which we can assume safely that can be reinforced and thus to restore vision in the process. Our daily lives play havoc with the health of our eyes and causes number one for many of the problems in the view that are gone in modern society. Our eyes are becoming increasingly lazy due to prolonged use of computers and the long hours in front of the television. The first thing people do is run to the optometrist only to say that they need corrective lenses.

This is not the only option. There is a good reason why do not want you to know how to improve the view. Prolonged use of corrective lenses, simply makes your lazy eyes, remain in that State for longer time and eliminate the possibility of exercising them. One of the best ways to improve your eyesight is starting to allow your eyes to relax. Repeat this every day. Another way to improve your view is to take regular breaks, each time more or less in his team, away from television for your eyes to relax and will readjust.