Francisco Baena

They only give you what they are: nothing should be appropriating our life. He starts to think for you, to feel you, to decide for you and take the consequences of your actions. It is the only way that your life will be really yours. Francisco Baena, in this regard reminds US, that one of […]

Emperor Felipe

Philip II, was finally elected with a Catholic majority to the detriment of Maximiliano I de Baviera, trained and more tolerant of religious practices Catholic. After his election, concern spread like wildfire throughout the Protestant world, who knew perfectly the ideals of the new emperor. Here comes the spark of the famous war of 30 […]


1st trick. Breathing. If you make a deep breath before speaking, it will not only relax, but it wins time to think. Another advantage is that this makes it to lower the tone of his voice, which sounds more authoritative. 2nd trick. Adopt the posture of a safe person. Belly goal, remove chest and square […]

The Evangelhos

The child did not produce in work terms and up to seven years she was not obliged to observe the law, in this period to the child serves of parameter not for the innocence, but for the moral perfection. Jesus used the parameters of its time partner – economic and cultural to disclose to the […]

Diagnosis and Medication

He happens that many times the auto person if diagnosiss and medicates, becoming the complicated situations more ahead. It is very important in these cases a good listening of the professional and the contribution and will of the patient. One forms to be if preventing it starts for the perception of the place where it […]