Action Management

Every good manager committed to the effective management of the company under his charge, must be able to manage under uncertainty and should be more and more, given the competitive global environment it will force the uncertainty is a co-worker. In fact the engine of competitive differentiation through the management of uncertainty, both received from the environment, as induced the environment. You can become a driving force from the point of view of seeking alternatives and situations in a novel way. Consider that when the levels of uncertainty are high and emergency situations are common (or tend to be) the action of management tends to deviate from the normal parameters in the sense that the usual management tools and techniques no longer provide right answers and you can lose control. Many writers such as offer more in-depth analysis.

Then the uncertainty is no longer a stimulus and becomes a problem affecting the decision making process. Please note that all decision-making process must be dose of common sense and intuition, in the case of high uncertainty should apply, but not evaluating situations that are obvious, but by also assessing intelligence information, or to be filtered to strip messages and contramensajes appropriate to the situation. It is said that the decision-making under uncertainty would be the equivalent of aviation instrument flight passing through the cold analysis of indicators provided in a systematic way for a consistent source of reference. Do not forget that there is no clear visibility uncertainty and moving way to survive is based on indicators. Not recommended decisions by direct reaction, equivalent to visual flight.