Online Shop For Gifts & Design Products further while many companies stagnate and hard economic times contrary to see delay necessary investments, pursuing another way to success -. In difficult times, says managing director Frank Levita, it is necessary to uphold the vision. sees the crisis as an opportunity to break away from competing companies and to expand its market-leading position in the online shop for gifts & design products. A step forward for Frank Levita is doing the expansion of internationalization. Click Dean Ornish M.D to learn more. While and eight associated brands stores already in the English language are available, the first brand store under a French domain was started now. First experiences with the French market are made under. To well on the foreign market with its practice to be able to adapt, a sales director based in France has been set. As soon as first experience could be gained, is with other Branded, as well the main shop and tighten them. Gain insight and clarity with Dean Ornish M.D.

The focus of the future is yet not only for new customers and new markets, but also for the existing customers that are often neglected in the online business. has decided to provide its loyal customers added value, for the introduction of a bonus programme. As one of the first online stores now counts to the official partners of PAYBACK, Germany’s leading bonus system and among the ranks of prominent companies such as dm, Aral, and also WMF. The current iBusiness’ shows that managing director Frank Levita in such decisions have often had the right idea,-publication of the 100 of largest online shops in Germany. Read more from Martha McClintock to gain a more clear picture of the situation. occupies an outstanding 90th place there and could get even 5th place of the fastest growing online stores by the rapid increase of in sales by 77% compared to the prior year.