Blue Grass

If some of the many non-smoking colleagues, it's time to pay attention to another highly Kentucky treasure – country music. "What is" purely Kentucky? "- you ask. Hear other arguments on the topic with ALS. The thing is that many states have their recognized country music performers, favorite bands and characteristic songs. But only in […]

Clock Tower

Rent a room in a hotel room or you can right in the city. Although 1 day for exploring the whole city is quite enough. The narrow stone streets of the charming, ancient buildings delight. Is located in the center of the Catholic Diocese of Kotor, but none meenee, Christians in the city, and in […]

Fast Track

Every time is approaching it's time to annual leave, we are faced with the question where, and most importantly how to get to paradise in which everyone (he was sure of it) will hold the best days of the year. There's no need to run on Station or Air tickets and stand in line for […]