Mathematical Operations

Working with databases often have to deal with the data of the date or time. Be it a student writing a term paper, or database administrator, develops a distributed system for any industrial production, in any case they have to count time intervals, the delay, the duration of any process. In this paper we consider […]

User People

That is separate flies from cutlets. Ordinary users to teach one technique, and linguists on the other. Users must in the end, just learn to communicate in your chosen foreign language, reading texts, including professional ones. It would seem that everything is clear. But things are there. The state continues to vbuhivat money on outdated […]

English Language

By the way, distance learning a foreign language can be not only individually, but collectively, in which besides the main positive aspects, which will be later listed, there are other pros that make people more quickly acquire the knowledge. So, the first positive thing: the person is not tied to strict and systematic schedule. Second: […]

The Assembly

We changed ourselves into bpedes without penalties that had continued if to find capable of ' ' to have conscience of thought and responsibility of atos' ' , but that also they would be on ' ' forces internas' ' of some orders. these forces could be without control, if it is that they had […]

Loureiro Musical

It serves to guarantee the studies linguistic and its success, not being able to leave of side the capacity to improve the musical expression of the children, beyond collaborating with the humanizao of the individuals, becoming them more sensible, creative and reflective. Maria Almeida Loureiro brides affirms that: She means that the paper of the […]

The Evangelhos

The child did not produce in work terms and up to seven years she was not obliged to observe the law, in this period to the child serves of parameter not for the innocence, but for the moral perfection. Jesus used the parameters of its time partner – economic and cultural to disclose to the […]