Climate Protection

The closing event of the climate protection action “less is more” attracted the closing Berlin Nuremberg, the Division of climate protection and energy efficiency (greenOrange) had called for the Nuremberg Ceramix AG put an attractive to the action in the metropolitan area. The background was that in July for the second of annual Bavarian climate […]

Sharks: Hunted Hunter

It could be that our knowledge of many shark species will be limited once, that often a huge bite and we fear them had them. More than 450 million years ago appeared the first sharks in the seas. Today, there are about 350 to 370 species, hand span large copies up to the largest fish […]

Current Price: New Federal States

Annual cost of electricity consumers in the new federal States are particularly affected 6.2 percent higher than in West Germany and Berlin Berlin, December 04, 2008 from the planned price increases at over 400 suppliers of electricity in the first months of next year. In 2009 she will pay back disproportionately high prices for their […]