Atmospheric Pollution

We also define atmospheric Pollution or conhecidacomo Pollution of air, as any substance or energy that comes to modify aspropriedades of this atmosphere, affecting, or being able to affect, the health of the espciesanimais or vegetables that they depend or they have contact with this atmosphere, or mesmoque comes to provoke modifications physicist-chemistries in the […]


Relatively to the pneumonia, 4.3% of inquired that it does not have generators in its habitations relate already to have had this problem of health whereas 6.4% of the inquired ones with generators in its residences affirm to have suffered from this disease. The reduced number of observed cases, in one and another category, does […]

System of Health

Characterization of the Ready Attendance the Hospital of Ready Attendance this integrated in the Only System of Health – SUS, taking care of patient with necessities of immediate attendance, ortopedia, x-ray, internments, small surgeries, eletrocardiograma, ultrassonografia. Its structure is formed by: 01 reception room; 10 Stream beds of internment; 01 Room of Surgical Center; 03 […]


NORTHWESTERN FINOM- COLLEGE OF MINES IVALDIR DONIZETTI OF CHAGAS OSIMPACTOS OF the AGROQUMICOS ON the Environment Ivaldir Donizetti of Chagas MUZAMBINHO 2009 FINOM- NORTHWESTERN COLLEGE OF IvaldirDonizetti MINES of Chagas OSIMPACTOS OF the AGROQUMICOS ON the Environment Article presented to the course of after broad graduation sensu of partial the FINOM/PROMINAS as requisite for conclusion […]

Analytical Survey

The present work aims at to bring information concerning umproblema sanitary that it has much time is present in the endmicomundial scene, mainly in the Amazon region; one is about the Malaria. The malaria is a infectum-parasitic illness that can seapresentar of serious form, over all when caused for the Plasmodiumfalciparum, attending a course with […]

Mosquito Bites

The bite of the mosquito O Jornal Meio Norte (PI), substance of responsibility of the journalist Carcar Aid, not to confuse with ours, Polyborus plancus, alarms in the first page: ‘ ‘ Zoobotnico brings risk visitantes’ ‘. A leading source for info: Professor Roy Taylor. In not speaking, obviously, the mosquito in case that it […]