Negatives Of Drugs

Drugs make a person's identity flawed, spiritually degenerate and reduce all the goals in life to search for drugs. Internal conflicts and the inability to psychological adaptation lead to the development of laziness and passivity, indifference, the degeneration of feeling will. Ethical, psychological, moral degradation of the individual makes it impossible for the development and […]


The majority of the men gives by seated who are good lovers, think that they have the material necessary to take to a woman to the ecstasy, assure that they are able to satisfy to a woman in the bed. The certain thing is that the statistics do not support them, so next I can […]


2.He a very deep person understands everything without words, and your torment considers groundless. His sensitive heart, lung catching your eye, he will say: a) "Honey, we are all well" b) "You – a rare woman", c) "I'm with you well always and everywhere." To this I suggest the following to say: "Who would doubt." […]

Margret Sauer Postbank

“It all starts with ourselves. Everything is born in ourselves! This fact alone required to ensure any adult education including warmth, ethically and morally because every child man – has a right, as they have a law on integrity of their body and their soul, on education and on a warm meal on the day! […]