Worked Normally

I am starting to write my experience with this upheaval (said of Mood) Looks at: it is very Bad, it confuses the life in the Generality, makes of everything to knock down a person; I: My Name is Pablo, has (47) years and since (18) was married this badly, did not look for, did not […]

Psychic Suffering

The users who must be taken care of in the CAPS are those that present intense psychic suffering and that from this they are disabled of living and carrying through its daily activities and projects of life. They are also people who possess some type of severe mental upheaval and/or persistent, with serious psychic comprometimento, […]

Nursing Health

However, in the present time, if she made necessary a change of paradigm concerning the practical one of the management and the exercise of the power, that in accordance with Spagnol (2000) do not pass of images and esteretipos of the figure of this professional, that historically they had been constructed throughout the time, and […]

Clinical Studies

For Flvia Vieira War Alves, Karla Kristine Dames and Roberta de Lima, the article ' ' The Nurse as Coordinating of Clinical Studies in Oncologia' ' he denotes in objective and descriptive way the conduction it nurse before the existence of a variety of attributions coordinating them of clinical studies. For formularization of the systemize […]

World Health Organization

According to World Health Organization, (PINE et al 2004), in studies of populations, the index of Corporal Mass (IMC) (defined for the weight in kg divided for the height in square meters) one becomes measured useful to evaluate excess of corporal fat, being consensual to admit that, independently of sex and equal or superior age, […]

Following Production

Of this number, they had been 4,306 million tender (coat and pants). Although the research of the following year not yet to be concluded, the estimate is of that it has an increase between 1,603,792 billion and 1,633,984 in the national production, that is, 8% 10% more than what in the previous year. The institute […]