Second Athletes

Graph 6 represents the results of the posturais evaluations of the athletes. The first column of graph 6 represents the average of canostas that they had presented cifose torcica, being 7 of 9 athletes, in a 89% total. The second column represents a number of 3 athletes (33%) with cifose cervical. The third column illustrates […]

Medical Samples

Results: Medical The sample consisted of 150 records of pregnant women and cards. The analysis indicates that 66,67% of pregnant women were between 15 and 35 years, 36% were teenagers and children were 2,66%, 51,33% had family history with hypertension, diabetes and 23,33% with 25, 34% with history of twins; Regarding the situation of risk […]

Nursing Health

However, in the present time, if she made necessary a change of paradigm concerning the practical one of the management and the exercise of the power, that in accordance with Spagnol (2000) do not pass of images and esteretipos of the figure of this professional, that historically they had been constructed throughout the time, and […]

Following Production

Of this number, they had been 4,306 million tender (coat and pants). Although the research of the following year not yet to be concluded, the estimate is of that it has an increase between 1,603,792 billion and 1,633,984 in the national production, that is, 8% 10% more than what in the previous year. The institute […]