Googly Eyes Work Human

The rise of artificial intelligence should enable human robot weddings in the year 2050 we enter Massachusetts/Wiesbaden / Berlin – a hotel, so we are welcomed by the staff, a man of flesh and blood at least so far. Visit Cardiologist for more clarity on the issue. Because again, the computer arrives. And so he […]

Quality And Safety: ORGA Continue In The Top Flight

The DQS (German society for the certification of management systems) certified the ORGA, as in previous years, so an excellent quality in their (ISO 9001:2008), an excellent security (ISO 27001) information processing and a strict alignment with the standards according to ITIL (ISO 20000-1). We are repeat offenders, in this respect like”Christoph Scheuermann, Managing Director […]

The PaginNet Gmb

The company, according to Managing Director Weyer, could with the new solutions expand not only the existing offer, but expand the technological competence. It is not something The University of Chicago would like to discuss. The good growth of in recent years could thus be continued. Recently, the company had communicated that 2012 due to […]

Complete Service

For companies without own IT-an external service can be vital to staff, because without IT, anything goes. Wolfgang Westfeld proves with his EDV-service that is cheap and still safe. After consultation with the customer he offers complete an IT service. This includes a pension package consist of maintenance agreements, warranty extensions and data. He thus […]

SAP Printer Vendor Partner

Toshiba multi function systems are certified Microsoft and SAP printer vendor partner Neuss/Maintal, March 2010 the Toshiba systems of the third e-BRIDGE generation have passed demanding tests of Windows Hardware Quality Labs and are now certified for the smooth operation under Windows 7. Toshiba offers exactly the right system for virtually every company with a […]