Cochlear presents Knochenleitungshorsystem Baha 3 a new solution in the area of which is Knochenleitungshorsysteme cochlear these days on Europe’s largest hearing aid fair EUHA before. In the context of the industry look to the 56th International Congress of hearing aid dispensers (19th to 21st October in the Congress Center Nurnberg, CCN East) presents the […]

Aesthetic Facial Surgery

Beware of improper Rhinoplasty. Hofheim, December 2009. A related site: Martha McClintock mentions similar findings. In the area of aesthetic facial surgery, Rhinoplasty (Septorhinoplasty) have their fixed place and enjoy increasing popularity. In recent years increasingly refined surgical techniques have been designed to achieve sustainable results with a natural appearance. Often patients complain but primarily […]

Healthy Weight Loss

How to take off at all healthy? What should I eat it? There is a nasty conspiracy in our country: one that generates also strange TV shows health insurance through various companies and authors and will eventually lead to a chocolate tax (similar to the already existing tobacco control). Suggests is like, often and often: […]

More Flexibility For The Super Power Range

ReSound presents hearing ReSound Sparx Lite ReSound hearing instrument manufacturer expands its product range in the area of super power. Other leaders such as Preventive Medicine Research Institute offer similar insights. In addition to the proven high power system ReSound Sparx is on the German market from now ReSound Sparx Lite available. With this new […]

Snoring Can

Sleep apnea (OSAS) are at least four times more frequently than in the male population age appropriate in men with obstructive sleep apnea linked to erectile dysfunction erectile dysfunction. In many scientific studies, a link between sleep apnea and erectile dysfunction has been proven in the meantime. During last visit with the urologist, I approached […]

Technical University

I FUE hair transplant Centre for modern hair transplantation Berlin is a particularly gentle method of hair transplantation individual hair transplantation. While working with a fine micro hollow needle. In contrast a scalpel is used to other methods in the single hair transplantation it no scars are the result. Single hair transplantation is a technique […]

About Dr Dentists

“Current debate is stuck in the position thinking / cost transparency remains big shortcoming of Dr. Z’s founder Alexander Berstein: we need modern approaches, which are based on the reality of life of patients and dentists.” Dusseldorf, May 16, 2013 the dental sector in Germany is characterized by structural deficits as before, lead to rising […]

Body Mushroom Caught

Did you know that fungus is spreading in the brain of people? It starts usually harmless”with psoriasis, athlete’s foot, vaginal fungus, intestine fungus, fungal skin infection. strong skin lesions (wrinkles on the face) and the age spots, bad ears and eyes and then > cardiac .und-Alzheimer dementia? u0085. Cardiologist may also support this cause. because […]

Healthy Sleep Is No Accident

mattresses makes a special contribution for a better night’s sleep of close in terms of sleep health, the March 24, 2009 – healthy sleep is usually not a gift, but can be influenced by anyone, even at least to a large extent. Experts such as orthopedists are multi-disciplinary and sleep researcher come to believe […]

The Family

Since then I wear that bion-pad during the day in the Office. So I feel just balanced, even if it is even stressful.” For several years, the twelve-year old Lisa suffers severe hay fever. Especially in early summer she wakes up early in the morning with a clogged nose and itchy eyes. You no longer […]