Baby Strollers

Reasoning, material quality, safety and ease of management are the main features of strollers Peg-Perego. Trostevye walking strollers Peg-Perego also attract moms the opportunity to rearrange the seat as the course movement, and against the motion. Trostevye walking strollers Peg-Perego Pliko Switch different quality materials, easily adjustable with one hand back, fully horizontal position of […]

Young People Chosen Profession Seaman

Why do young people choose the profession of a sailor? Who chooses the profession of a sailor? Probably, the sons of sailors, the sea seems to continue a dynasty? Now it is a fallacy. We will try to figure out why is it that young people who are not connected with the sea, choose this […]

Weather Forecast

Official website of Hydrometeorology of Republic of Belarus – POGODA.BY. On this site you will always find the latest information on meteorological conditions and the environment in your city. Weather forecast for 3 or 6 days made on the basis of numerical methods for predicting the state of the atmosphere and is updated twice a […]

Roman Mikhailovich

Designers and Builders presented to residents and guests is probably one of the most important – it's light body Hotels 'Bryansk' five hundred seats. Just to its millennium Bryansk received as a gift and decoration waterfront Gums – Concert Hall 'Friendship'. In Bryansk more than six travel agencies. A brief history of the town of […]