Unity In The Cleanliness?

New forsa study shows: nearly 90 percent of the German contact not bare rump on public toilets ERKRATH, November 18, 2009. A representative forsa survey *, currently zero was carried out null WC fresh seal commissioned by 00, shows that about 90 percent of Germans don’t trust, to sit on the toilet in bars, pubs, […]

ACE Letter

The arcana of the tarot are divided into two large groups, the major arcana and minor arcana. These last are classified, as the nipes of the Spanish deck, in four suits. The skilled Tarot readers, suggests that each suit of the minor arcana should be read as a story with a beginning, a development and […]

Whither It With Syria?

Attack on a priest in the Syrian town of Qasmishli. In their settlement areas, the Assyrian Christians are target of attacks. The State protection will be searched! Given the fatal political and social developments in Syria, a strengthening of extremist currents and attitudes within Syrian society is observed. So the popularity feared similar to very […]