Health System

The SUS, Only System of Health, institutionalized through the Federal Constitution of 1988, brought great advances for the conditions of health of the Brazilian population. It has still challenges to be surpassed: increase the effectiveness and improvement in the attendance. The public Hospitals are for providing to the population medical assistance integral curativa, are an […]

Differences Body

U.A.Z. (2009: 78 years) how much to the friends it says that, ' ' I still am looked. ' ' To the times he comes people, the friends and such, I take care of, give to mine opinio' '. To think the illness is to understand part of the condition human being. It is to […]

Joo Moreira Sales

' ' Soccer is a game of the people practised with old cans in streets of periferia' ' (Salman Rushdie, Indian writer, apud DENARDIN; DIENSTMANN. 1997 p.95). ' ' When we speak of the people who had marked the happyest moments saddest and of our life, generally we finish speaking of players of futebol' ' […]

Gobbi Training

Already for N3obrega et al. (1999) the aging if characterizes for a continuity process where the declnios related to the physiology human being occur of gradual form. Thus, with these actions of the aging process we identify that not only the biological factor is necessary for the studies of this research. In this context of […]