Bach Flowers

The tangible changes of the man in these times have forced to the search of new solutions to the problems of health through the natural and traditional medicine these quiet changes, they demand a new preparation of medical and paramedical the personnel of health that can help to the process of health and disease from […]


Now that approaches Christmas, we must begin to think about prescriptions for familiar dinners. These prescriptions, the good thing, are that they are easy to do, and sufficiently abundant. Then in these dates to think about prescriptions very made can be counter-productive, because we will have many more things than to do, when having to […]

The Ankle

One of the most habitual injuries is esguince of ankle. And one of the main problems of the recovery is to think that as is a habitual injury, it is easy to rehabilitate. The reality is very different, to cure esguince of first and, coverall second degree, entails time, dedication and effort. We see, simplifying […]