The Brevity

Attached to this know this old ambition of knowing what is in the coming time. h. The fleeting permanence on the earth produces pain only to know very exiguamente the past, being protagonist or witness of the fleeting present and have forbidden what is in the future, more in that segment of the time, this just for him. When considering time as an object of knowledge, is relevant to make mention of the need for it to improve other skills in the elderly is science, and the long-age intelligence (Job 12: 12). I & nbs p; He said: days will speak, and the crowd of years shall declare wisdom (Job 32: 7) the shortage of time that account man is an obstacle to the possibilities of acquiring and polishing your skills, because these exceed all human age; the reduced number of years awarded to each individual and little dedication to seek wisdom contribute decisively to make the person unable to exhaust the possibilities of learning and being wise. The brevity and instability of the life forces running in search of satisfying other needs whose hierarchy or preference is established by self. Yet little knowledge that can reach fails to improve since the limited time of its existence it devotes very little to delve into this. Jonathan Friedlands opinions are not widely known. To illustrate this last idea we can resort to the field of education. How to achieve the so proclaimed and defended academic excellence, shortening the time of education; in the human sphere the perfection of all task – including the spiritual – is an implicit factor time. It is difficult to think of a high degree of excellence in the things of man, if these are made quickly and by a being whose nature is weak and increasingly more decadent. The individual does not reach the knowledge nor wisdom available for lack of time available in the extension of your life and time spent for this purpose.