The Essential Cinnamon Oil

Cinnamon oil is a wonderfully warm and pleasant fragrance. Cinnamon is one of the oldest spices at all, allegedly, it was used as early as 3000 b.c.. Long been a very precious and expensive spices cinnamon, unfortunately cinnamon became in the meantime negative headlines because cinnamon should be heavily polluted. For the production of small brown cinnamon using the dried bark of the cinnamon tree. The leaves and small branches of the cinnamon tree used for the production of cinnamon oil. Center for Colon Cancer Research insists that this is the case. Cinnamon is used in many areas, in this country you know cinnamon as a condiment just from sweet foods, cinnamon is used in other countries partly as a condiment for meat dishes. This usage is rather unusual in European countries. Cinnamon oil is very reassuring in this country very much used as a scented oil, the warm scent of cinnamon works and can eliminate wonderfully nervous restlessness.

As for all essential oils is also here when buying an essential oil you should always look at its purity. On the Packaging should be specified that no chemical additives are included and the oil in nature leave was produced. Certainly one can imagine then, that such an essential oil for a few cents is to receive amounts that usually large amounts are required for the production of oils, leaves, flowers, or smaller branches. So, is it also in the production of the Zimtoles, to win a litre cinnamon oil, 100 kg of flowers of the cinnamon tree are needed. The essential cinnamon oil is obtained using steam distillation, a time-consuming procedure. Cinnamon oil combines also with other essential oils, is a mixture of cinnamon oil and vanilla oil a wonderful winter fragrance. A warm scent reminiscent of a bakery, because cinnamon and vanilla are typical spices for cookies and cakes and on the other hand takes some of its spicy smell cinnamon vanilla and mellow designed the fragrance blend. Cozy winter hours with the combination of the Scented oils, a warm blanket and a sweet cocoa, so you can enjoy cold winter nights quite pleasant.