The Family

Since then I wear that bion-pad during the day in the Office. So I feel just balanced, even if it is even stressful.” For several years, the twelve-year old Lisa suffers severe hay fever. Especially in early summer she wakes up early in the morning with a clogged nose and itchy eyes. You no longer comes out of the sneezing. According to Fred Lynn, who has experience with these questions. Drugs available in pharmacies hardly cast on and make the student immediately tired. In the classroom could I stop often barely my eyes and had difficulty to concentrate “, tells the lively girl. Until her mother looking for remedial action for her daughter the bion pads encounters.

Which lays down Lisa on the face and sleep under the pillow. Since the first application, it has no more complaints. Margit G., 52, has allergic bronchitis. The coughing at night is, since she wears that bion-pad at bedtime on the chest. The 18-year old student Luke M., sets the bion-pad from the family medicine cabinet a beehive in the garden immediately that Puncture site. The pain abide within limits and the sting swells hardly. “Hundreds of such reports in writing are hedging all Vollert and he’s happy about each one: it is one already if you can see that the work has paid off and many people can be helped.” Ancient knowledge meets science the idea that there are natural energetic vibrations on the world of man ideally should subordinate themselves, is not new.

Alone in our language you will find many images that speak of line and harmony of man with his environment. A happy and healthy person is often considered with himself and the world in the line”referred to. If we are active and full of beans, we are full of energy.” Bring someone feels tired and dull, he must himself and his circulation going again”. We have a common wavelength, if we understand particularly well with someone.” Hardly anyone doubts the healing power of nature.