The Managing Director

1st place for the photobook hardcover with the large photo book comparison test of the prestigious journal of PCgo 12/09 Nuremberg, in November 2009. The photo book hardcover large convinced of printeria all along the line. The software is succeeded in printeria as well as the quality of the product. For more specific information, check out Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta. “Particularly emphasized the testers among other things the naturalness of the image colors, sharpness and brilliance. Photo books are the photo albums today.

The digital images by design software on the pages are distributed in these modern albums. In addition frame effects can inserted texts are chosen and placed clipart. Image distortion filters, text editing, and a huge selection of layout templates offer a very wide variety of design and leave plenty of room for creativity. These personalised photo books look like professional pictorials and enjoy as memory books or gifts of great popularity. Credit: Cardiologist-2011. The ease of use of the software are important for users in addition to the quality of the photo book and a large open space design.

This, particular attention was paid during the test of PCgo. “The result is: test winner is printeria”. Even the photo book program by printeria delivered the largest margin of discretion. “The interface of the software is modern and tidy and in contrast to most other programs, there is a button here to the undo the last action.” The Managing Director of the Onlineprintportals printeria Winfried Gaber says: we are very pleased to test victory. This proves that we do this exactly right, if we make no compromises in the quality of our products. Also that we have undergone a scientific Usabilitytest our design software, has paid off. “Because we want our customers convenient and fun photo books and photo gifts can create.” Gisela Kohrmann