Depression Consequence

You that you are living under continuous emotional violence and therefore being abused due to the violence of your partner with constant attacks, making you feel guilty and you’re steeped in a sense of failure, shame, loneliness, lack of support, the disqualification and constant devaluation. As you also feel helplessness, hopelessness and frustration, and this causes feelings of sadness or even a depressing picture. Symptoms can include: apathy, fatigue or tiredness, weight loss, problems of food and sleep and poor concentration. They may in some advanced cases have ideas or thoughts of death suicide. The authority and the total control that your partner has on your life, make you are dispossessed of your ability to express your will and your desires. Eventually, you’re losing contact with yourself, which takes you to feel unable to think, feel and act independently.

And this is destroying your personality. And what is worrying is that many women make a denial of this reality that they live. The denial refers to the involuntary refusal to recognise that a situation of violence live. You can take several forms: minimize the facts and their consequences of violence who live. Do not take into account the problem by its repetition and continuity. Every crisis of violence is taken as an isolated incident without linking it with other episodes. Justify violence and excuse the offender saying, for example had a painful family history or he is living a difficult moment (problems of work, money, alcohol,..) The negation is used as an unconscious to protect environment and can be explained by: attachment to the aggressor, the difficulty of questioning the couple and the rejection of accept the adjective of battered women.

You must leave enslave you, waking up and not allow you to handle, be free and yourself to overcome depression and get out of the circle of psychological violence, I suggest some important actions; Learn how to stop only on the things important. in your goals. nurture yourself. Learn to say NO as often as required learns to enjoy, to relax learns not to listen to negative, complicated people, nobody hinders your goal. Learn how to break the routine, get new things, get something else to move your positive energy. What if you start to value yourself, to congratulate you on every step you take to overcome depression and emotional violence. Since starting from the beginning, from the first symptoms of violence and will thus do not enter into a depression, or in denial as we saw above.