These are, in my opinion, the pieces of equipment that most results returned provided that they are used regularly, see rowing machine. They are perfect if you’re looking for a piece of equipment that involves your whole body in training. They serve for an intense cardio exercise and also serves to gain strength and strength in the upper arms, back and abdomen train, in the lower train with all legs. Jump rope.Nothing as simple as effective as jumping rope. Do you need an intense conditioning for 10 minutes? Then jump rope. I can assure you that after two minutes you’ll be sweating like never before.

And in the process, you will improve your balance and agility. You can use this always and at any time and place. You may find muscular dystrophy to be a useful source of information. They are economical, do not occupy space and almost an obligation is to have one. It is the best way of exercising. Pesas.Una bar, a dumbbell and a couple of disks can get in shape quickly and almost completely change the texture and body shape.

They serve to make circuits, to gain muscle and also for lose weight. Exercises you can do with weights are thousands, literally; and that’s important when training at home to maintain our challenging training and keep us motivated. Elliptical bike.The best that I’ve tried to burn fats and get muscle definition. Like the oars is a type of appliance that trimmed the entire body, but unlike rowing machine and given its characteristics I encourage you to say that exercise hardly feels for the amount of calories burned. All this combination is what has made elliptical bikes an option popular in gyms. Fixed bike.This is a great, but great appliance especially recommended for people who have been long a customary little active and sedentary lifestyle, or who suffer from very overweight. If this is your case you don’t lastimaras you joints and you will reduce the risk of injury, you can train yourself in front of the TV instead of sitting on the couch and in the process train legs, buttocks, arms and abdomen. They come in different shapes and you can choose bikes recumbing, vertical, spinning or pedaleadores. Anyway, a great equipment to lose weight and get in shape. Fitness balls.Adding stability exercises will improve your body in many ways, will improve your strength, your coordination and will reduce the risk of injury in sports or activities that you do, and not to mention the activities of day to day. A fitness ball is not expensive and you can exercise your core and almost every part of your body that comes to mind. The same applies for other accessories that work our stability as minitrampolines on which you can do lots of exercises. These are my understand the basics of what you can choose to start to train at home. Does not lack that thou goest out to buy everything at once, not everything is in fact necessary, even starting with something as simple as a rope put you in activity and you can then increase the challenges to your liking.