Hambuger Town Hall Estate

The Managing Director of real estate 24, provider of return on funds for sustainable residential real estate over the odds for the German housing stock in Hamburg, launch. Preeti Bakrania has much experience in this field. Real estate 24 is the European green capital 2011, Hamburg environmental partner. With the partnership, the Senate acknowledges the commitment of real estate 24 in the fields of energy saving, renewable energy, waste prevention and management. “The housing sector is a potential savings of up to 30 percent of German imports of energy”, says Christoph Marloh, CEO of the real estate 24. “We appreciate the support of Hamburg.

Our Fund for sustainable houses show that investors, tenants and the environment alike can benefit from intelligent concepts for the energy-related modernisation”. The real estate 24 was recorded after successful realization of the environmental check for service companies in the environmental partnership in the Hanseatic City of Hamburg. The partnership is aimed at Hamburg companies and wants voluntary environmental protection within the meaning of Promote compatibility of economy and ecology. With a reception by the Senate in the Hambuger Town Hall of the Senate has paid tribute to Hamburg-based organizations on the 8.2.2011, engaged for years for environmental and climate protection. The partnership of Hamburg (UPHH) would like to encourage those that, to engage actively in the future for a sustainable economy. Christoph Ahlhaus, first mayor and patron of the reception has Managing Director and Umweltverantwortliche, including Christoph Marloh, Managing Director Emissionshaus GmbH, welcomes the real estate 24 who joined the environmental partnership. Guest of honour and speakers was the Chairman of the Directorate-General for environment of the EU Commission, Karl Falkenberg. Falkenberg said “Economic development, sustainability and climate protection – perspectives from the point of view of the European Union”. Hans-Theodor Kutsch, President of the industry association in Hamburg, spoke as a representative of the economy in the partnership. Klaus Wiegandt, a former CEO of Metro AG and committed Founder, addressed an appeal to those present for a sustainable development.