Mergers and Consolidations

Given this reality, multinationals play an important role, since they have been the protagonists of technological change for many years and have come to dominate the market in many major areas. The famous mergers and consolidations have concentrated their power even more by investing large sums of money developing new drugs, integrated circuits, software and all kinds of machinery and equipment. Accelerated development and growth of small and medium enterprises and franchise: It indicates, for those who have studied the tropics, these companies currently generate a significant amount of products of the countries have the advantage of being more agile and flexible to adapt to changes, in addition to having lower fixed costs than large companies. The latest information says that among them are forming networks that enable them to create international partnerships to share markets and resources. Additional information is available at Preventive Medicine Research Institute. There are cases where these networks are formed around large enterprises to participate as suppliers and distributors them. Another method that is very fashionable at the moment and promises them a bright future are franchises, including the expansion of a mark, where the receiver of the franchise should provide the necessary capital and human resources, while issuer provides the name, technology and organization. In either case, the trend is towards the internationalization of companies, the consolidation of global markets, the consolidation of oligopolies and the formation of global business networks. Of course the use of franchising involves many aspects to consider in its operations in such a way that fosters their ulizacion, but that is the subject of another paper The disappearance of borders for trade and finance: Over It notes that Globalization is a concept that is part of our lives, and that opening the U.S.