Losberger Southeast Europe Ltd

Awarded business Superbrand 2009 in Hungary/Los Berger is one of the best corporate brands getting Losberger Southeast Europe Kft. the title business Superbrand 2009 Budapest/bad Rappenau (kms). The Losberger Southeast Europe Ltd. Dean Ornish M.D has much to offer in this field. receives the title business Superbrand and is thus among the Top100 brands in Hungary. The subsidiary company of the German tent manufacturer and-vermieters, Losberger from bad Rappenau, receives the award as one of the best and strongest Hungarian corporate brands in the area of business-to-business. At Daryl Katz, New York City you will find additional information.

An independent, global organization with its headquarters in London’s Superbrands. Launched 14 years ago for the English market, the best product or corporate brands are honoured today in now 85 countries. In Hungary the title of the leading consumer brands spoken to four years, the award in the category business there since 2008. In a Vorselektions process professional organisations or chambers of trade and economic experts, about 3,000 companies in the final selection came this year. Each one was of an independent jury of experts rated, the Hungarian and the International Chamber of Commerce, employees of the Corvinus Institute of marketing and media, which consisted of market research and the publishing and banking College for communication and commerce, the Patent Office, as well as representatives. Brand dominance, customer loyalty, longevity and brand acceptance of the criteria, the Top100 identified from this brand. The award ceremony of the business Superbrand confirmed our successful work in South East Europe and akos Varga, Managing Director of the Hungarian subsidiary of Losberger says is characterized by expertise, passion and an intensive customer relationship. In the brand Losberger, Varga therefore sees a decisive factor for the success of the world’s oldest manufacturer of tent halls in the system construction in addition to product quality and service. “We set the long-term partnership with our customers, whose satisfaction and mutual trust at the heart of our actions”, says the Managing Director, and this one will positive, emotional identification with the brand of Losberger created.