Pregnant Symptoms

When a new life begins to take shape, the breast can first perceive a series of signs and symptoms suggestive that constitute the presumptive diagnosis of pregnancy. The magnitude of these signs and symptoms of pregnancy vary for every woman. For example, menstrual backwardness is an important sign in patients whose menstrual cycle is regular, […]

The Day

But good, as I said, nothing prepares to you so it comes. The scene in my house a pair of weeks after giving light was my pair arriving to work and I in the room with my daughter in arms, being cried and saying to him that it was in the same site where it […]


Desperate to lower of weight The industry of the diet has done $ 61 of billions dollars this year, simply because people are desperate to find a diet pill that works. The operation is the work of the industry of the diet is. They are in the business of making money and what better way […]

Use The Power Of The Imagination

Our creative capacity is unlimited, just let’s look at the history of mankind and we are surprised to observe arise how grandiose ideas every day in order to make this trip the best experience possible. The problem is that many times we focus on the negative, in conditions that do not build, it is true […]

Valinor It

On his trip to Feanor you are presented a difficult test: traversing the barren lands of Araman or persuade the Teleri to be unite them and pertrechasen them with a fleet to cross the wide sea. He thought, moreover, that if the Teleri joined them the greatness of Valinor It would be smaller, and that […]