Following Production

Of this number, they had been 4,306 million tender (coat and pants). Although the research of the following year not yet to be concluded, the estimate is of that it has an increase between 1,603,792 billion and 1,633,984 in the national production, that is, 8% 10% more than what in the previous year. The institute […]


It has a small stretch of one of the interned ones where it says: ' ' It does not look the reasons of my internment. It does not look for to know who I am in the official registers. It listens to me, I am an orphan rejected of sociedade' '. Of – to ahead […]

Dutch Illness Vitor Bellizia

Brazil of After-Crisis and the Dutch Illness Vitor Bellizia (*) Despite under the monetary mantle, it is possible to foresee the new cycle economic that must prevail at least for the next decade. This cycle will be commanded by the dynamics of three emergent countries: China, India and Brazil. Each one inside of its space […]

Valuable Gold

Already some time reflected on the quotation of the gold and tortured its brain to try to perceive because its value is so high?In the reality some factors exist that influence the value of the gold, being able some of these factors to be a true surprise for itself. To help it to perceive better, […]

The Subject

The familiar importance in the development of the deaf person or the listener is unquestionable. It is in this institution that initiates the base for the citizenship of the man. 2.A FAMILY: BASE FOR FORMATION OF the IDENTITY the importance familiar in the educational process it is unquestionable. It is depending on the relation that […]