Coloring Hair

This article prompted me to write such a case. I went to the store cosmetics for professionals. For certificates to hair dye. By the way, such certificates are in every beauty salon. With me went to the store glamorous girl. Pretty face, beautiful coat, expensive jewelry. She wanted to pick the paint color for your […]

Shower Gels Propeller

"Beauty is nothing like the promise of happiness" – Stendhal wrote. Beauty is always current. Over time, changes its standards, but the main thing remains constant – it's healthy and natural, natural beauty. Taking care of yourself and your health – an important task of every person. Someone mistakenly thought that the beauty – it's […]

Others Mistakes

Each of you has ever, coming to a cosmetic shop, made a choice, relying on the advice of a salesperson. And why not, you say! He probably is already running long, knows what is most needed, he uses proven marks … But coming home, as usual be disappointed! The tool, which is "ideally suited to […]

Porch Concrete

For a start take a look at what should be the porch. First of all, the porch should be aesthetic, but as a person of your home, and friends can be proud of. Porch with his hands made it! Second, in the winter time steps shall slide. In my opinion, this is the most important […]

Water Cannon

For beginners, the term "water cannon" above all will bring to mind the fire boat with tremendous force thrown to a great distance powerful jets of water. In fact, Jet Boat – ordinary boat, on which the motor, resulting in action water pump, running water or "water cannon". At the bottom of the bottom has […]

Laboratory Glassware

At the mention in conversation the word 'laboratory' ordinary man in the street (not a specialist) immediately imagines a series of images inspired by cinema and fiction, which brings together one more detail: complex equipment, special furniture is very intricate system of tubes, flasks, retorts, interconnected, in which the boiling and bubbling colored solutions. As […]