Neoplastic Surgery

The ex-president of Peru fulfills a sentence of 25 years in Lima by violations of the human rights and corruption. He suffers a precancerous injury in the language. Her Keiko daughter lost five days ago the presidential elections. The new president, Ollanta Humala, have declared his disposition to grant to him I pardon humanitarian if […]

Natural Make Up

Beauty is an extremely important aspect today, but is it carries also remain so throughout history. No matter what times we remontemos, since all and without exception we will see how human beings, and especially women, have been concerned by having a good appearance. Today we can find, undoubtedly more opportunities to take advantage of […]

Reaction Of The Media

Because of TV news in the King’s CrossNewspaper headlines about 15:00 am on July 7.The news that happened at the scene of the attack were issued during the July 7 by BBC 1 and ITV 1 uninterruptedly until 1900. Sky News did not issue advertising for 24 h. The television coverage was significant for the […]

Narciso Sentenach

Narciso and Sentenach Cabanas (Seville, 1853 – 1925), historian, archaeologist and art critic Spanish.Study Law and Philosophy and Letters, and then move to the College of Diplomatica works of art income and opposition in the upper part of Archivists, archaeologists and librarians. Interested in industrial arts and crafts and painting, because it was a antiquities […]

Life In College

Life in college Joseph Lister, entered the University of London, one of the few universities that admitted the Quakers at the time. Studied art initially, but with 25 he entered the Royal University of surgery. His Work By March 1867, surgeon Joseph Lister had the bright idea to combine the successful proposal Semmelweis with the […]

The API Plurk

I can not hide my surprise at this facility that, as my colleague said Oscar, this is a service microchatting, caters to suggestions that they send users to improve service. Tonight past has had a stop for maintenance, then find with surprise that at last we can silence those who do not want to continue […]