The API Plurk

I can not hide my surprise at this facility that, as my colleague said Oscar, this is a service microchatting, caters to suggestions that they send users to improve service. Tonight past has had a stop for maintenance, then find with surprise that at last we can silence those who do not want to continue talks. And now, in any conversation to anyone that we are following, we can find the option? Mute?. But now comes the fat, because as Ryan Lim announced in this post, is a matter of hours and we’ll meet its expected APIs, which enable developers to create different applications. So far since this API will enable the identification, receiving alerts, viewing tickets, answer them, accept and reject friends, and little more, since third developments. The truth is that this API is so necessary for progress that is taking Plurk in recent weeks, allowing other developers integrate the API in its programs or new cree specific, but in addition there will be those who will create interfaces to the Twitter for those users dissatisfied with the graphical environment offers. And who knows if we’ll see soon in other services microblogging. Certainly a great and awaited news for those who are addicted to this service microchatting.