Chile Community

CHILEAN STATE MUST RESPOND INTERNATIONAL CONSULTATION problems generated by Salmonella in Mapuche territory Speaker of the community protesting against the plague of lice in salmon (Photo: C. Gutierrez).Mapuche-Huilliche of Pargua also lodged a complaint claiming risk of displacement and forced migration of people in these Indian families. Puerto Montt, 20 September 2007. (Ecoceanos News) – […]

Germany Education

In a few days will find the new report: training nationwide – Knowing what others are doing. Actors in the education and training, planners, decision makers and broadcasters in non-school education market here, the trends and tendencies in their industry. Messages focus on vocational and general education. Furthermore, the report Update on the labor report, […]

Proper Diet

Having a proper diet is important to lose belly. The majority of people today are tired and stressed the sedentary lifestyle that lead. There is very little physical activity during the day. Most of the time will spend it sitting with work at the Office or simply take a too leisurely life. If you are […]

Drinks Juices

Here I would like to warn now, let aside any type of beverages, especially some queues than by their high content of sugars, (up to 14 tablespoons per each Tin) with colorants, preservatives and chemicals, they are capable of drilling into carpets and floors. They are simply acids. Even occupy them for cleaning different types […]


In the rays of the morning IRIZ jewelry broke thousands of colorful sparks and scattered their reflection on the walls and ceiling. Of joy and admiration Vries put her hands to her chest and in amazement, staring at this shiny wonder. All of its chains, earrings, rings were nothing compared with this royal gift. She […]