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In a few days will find the new report: training nationwide – Knowing what others are doing. Actors in the education and training, planners, decision makers and broadcasters in non-school education market here, the trends and tendencies in their industry. Messages focus on vocational and general education. Furthermore, the report Update on the labor report, if it could have significance for education providers. The winners and winners of various competitions will also be considered, for the awarded projects may not be the worst. Or the heading “News from the Universities” – here are the messages unversitren training activities that provide new starting points. The about 80 to 120 messages of this report (>> a small selection can be found here) to grant such a deep look into the education and training market. Each message is directly linked to the sources – one click and you’re there. The focus is on the positive. successful projects and ideas of informal education providers. “We also lookinto the niches and regions, listen and watch the little messages on the bigger picture. We are looking for successful models worth copying projects and approaches. “Trendbote The information published seven other specialized reports, which deal with such questions of funding, the European programs, or activities of the regional education market. >> All reports at a glance here. Each report can be most favorably subscribed Mehrfachabonnenten get good discounts. Information trendbote Ulrich Reinhardt Friesstrasse 98 28203 Bremen, Germany