Roman Mikhailovich

Designers and Builders presented to residents and guests is probably one of the most important – it's light body Hotels 'Bryansk' five hundred seats. Just to its millennium Bryansk received as a gift and decoration waterfront Gums – Concert Hall 'Friendship'. In Bryansk more than six travel agencies. A brief history of the town of Bryansk in the centuries-old history of the earth goes Bryansk. Here in the III-X centuries the Slavic tribes lived – vyatichi, northerners radzimichy, Krivichi. Bryansk (the old Debryansk name) originated in the period of Kievan Rus. Located almost in the center of the Russian Plain, the Bryansk region has long been characterized by advantageous position and played an important role in the protection of the Russian lands and the Russian state.

Unfortunately, direct evidence on the exact date of foundation of Bryansk is not found, but there are indirect. The second volume contains the complete collection of Russian chronicles of 988, says: 'And reche Vladimir Behold not good that the little towns around Kiev, and started to put the city on the Desna and the acute, and Trubezh, and Sule, and Stugna '. After a fire in the settlement Chashin mound, the city of Bryansk was re-erected on the hill of Protection. For the first time mentioned in the Bryansk Hypatian chronicle of 1146, as existing city. He further mentioned in the Resurrection, the Laurentian, the Trinity Chronicle.

It tells about in Moscow Chronicles. Bryansk principality arose in 1246. Prior to that, was part of the Bryansk Chernihiv principality. The first Prince of Bryansk was the Roman Mikhailovich. More than a hundred years, from 1246 to 1356 years of wars, unrest and infighting stood Bryansk principality. By the middle of the XIV century, the internal and external shocks have undermined the former glory of the Bryansk principality. The participation of soldiers in the Bryansk Kulikovo. September 8, 1380 occurred the famous battle of Russian soldiers, led by Moscow Prince Dmitry Ivanovich with countless hordes of Khan Mamaia. In This battle involved, stir and made history and Bryansk heroes. At the dawn of the historic day the Russian army was built up in battle order. The main part – the 'Big regiment' stood in the center. Bryantsev with Muscovites and Suzdal is located behind the 'Big regiment', making it a reserve, commanded by Dmitry Bryansk. Russian battle with the Mongol-Tatar army started to fight the most removed of soldiers. The Tatars have exposed his Temir-Murza (Chelubeya) from the Russian side came a noble warrior and lord of Bryansk, accepted and became a monk schema Trinity Sergius Monastery – Relight Alexander. In mortal combat, both – and Chelubey and Relight died.