Tikhon Zadonsky

101, 18). So he looked at the humble prayer of the publican, though he was burdened with sin, so have removed the proud boasting hypocritical. "For every one exalts himself shall be abased, and humbles himself shall be exalted "(Luke 18, 14). So the centurion in Capernaum, who considered himself unworthy of Christ to come […]

Lose Weight

Nothing is more important in life that being in a good state of health. It plays an important role in everything we do and everything that we feel. However, if you find that your life is busy, it may seem impossible to adapt to the weight loss or exercise in a day that is already […]

North American Geologist

In the following years it consolidates his position like artist producing his but remarkable pictures, among them the self-portrait to the steering wheel of a green Bugatti that will provide the recognition to him, (besides numerous orders), like retratista. In 1933 it contracted marriage with Baron Raoul Kuffner, that will be in addition its greater […]

National Strategic Plan

In terms of infrastructure, the said Latin American Nations signed a letter of intent for the construction of the dam caves, Central Las Coloradas (second development of the hydroelectric complex Uribante Caparo) between the Corporation electric National S.A (Corpoelec) – by Venezuela – and Queiroz Galvao – by another Brazil agreement aims to perform feasibility […]