Tikhon Zadonsky

101, 18). So he looked at the humble prayer of the publican, though he was burdened with sin, so have removed the proud boasting hypocritical. "For every one exalts himself shall be abased, and humbles himself shall be exalted "(Luke 18, 14). So the centurion in Capernaum, who considered himself unworthy of Christ to come into his house, got the desired, even with praise: "And in Israel have I found such faith, "says Christ (Matt. 8, 10).

For where faith is true, there is humility, humility inseparable from faith. With such faith and humility, and we should start majesty of God, when we want something to ask and get prosimoe – remember who Who we are and proceed with the petition. St. Tikhon Zadonsky (104, 1124-1125). The head of the virtues, prayer, their base-station (108, 132). If we sow the seeds of prayer, not thinned the flesh, instead of truth, brought forth sin … If the body is thinned by fasting, and the soul is not cultivated by prayer, reading, humility, while the post is the parent of many chaff-mental passions: vysokoumiya, vanity, contempt (108, 135).

Being a busy public responsibilities, and if you're a monk, then obedience, and not being able to give the prayer as long as you wanted, do not be confused by this … Nothing contributes to prosperity in prayer, as a conscience, satisfied God-pleasing activity (108, 145). Mercy for others and humility in front of them, combined with purity of heart … make up the base and the power of prayer (108, 146).