The flu is a respiratory disease caused by influenza virus is characterized by its high capacity of contagion. While many respiratory viruses can cause flu-like symptoms, the influence A and B flu viruses tend to be responsible for epidemics towards the end of the autumn or winter. In the northern hemisphere, influenza appears every year […]


Dreams The dreams are our perpetual friends. Signal of that we are livings creature for the life and that we want something of better justifies that it. They become softer, less dense, less tense, gladder, hopeful walked ours. After all We always dream a dream that benefits in them! Or not? Our closer desires if […]


NORTHWESTERN FINOM- COLLEGE OF MINES IVALDIR DONIZETTI OF CHAGAS OSIMPACTOS OF the AGROQUMICOS ON the Environment Ivaldir Donizetti of Chagas MUZAMBINHO 2009 FINOM- NORTHWESTERN COLLEGE OF IvaldirDonizetti MINES of Chagas OSIMPACTOS OF the AGROQUMICOS ON the Environment Article presented to the course of after broad graduation sensu of partial the FINOM/PROMINAS as requisite for conclusion […]

Technology AJAX Search

In the search field, enter the line street name – ‘October’, the line address “84” … The result is shown in the illustration. Or introduce a line “to find an organization,” the phrase “administration of the city of Kirov,” click on the link that appears, and once there … All information about the organization of […]

Knee Osteoarthritis

Meniscus, ligaments & co.: rrm Rhine Ruhr Med presents ‘Focus knee’ pain in the knee? You’re not alone: Germany far more and more people suffer from wear and tear in the largest joint in the human body. But whether sudden accident or long-term wear and tear: meniscus, ligaments & co. are once damaged, often painful […]

Analytical Survey

The present work aims at to bring information concerning umproblema sanitary that it has much time is present in the endmicomundial scene, mainly in the Amazon region; one is about the Malaria. The malaria is a infectum-parasitic illness that can seapresentar of serious form, over all when caused for the Plasmodiumfalciparum, attending a course with […]

Klaus Janschutz

Is important to translate the texts into the language. Here are sites linguistically to the inhabitants, a particular country about all English-speaking countries are matched, usually better than those who want to operate all linguistic regions. American English is not equal to the British and the Australian is again different. Selection of the affiliate network, […]

Heart Failure

It seems impossible that in days of fire crossed for dialogues of bullets, someone comes out to open fields of his own heart and resolved to raise a white flag of paper where Edgardo Escobar, Manizales bleeds the poem. And surgeons, from Galen, Servet and Ramon y Cajal, put outdoor heart and decidedly so. They […]

The Ease

Production segments of 50 minutes and rest 10 recommended taking this time to devote to writing the book. Avoid interruptions. Having a virtual character image is convenient to browse to an image on google of a virtual person which imaginarily are talking about. Have this image to have in front of us while we write. […]