Technology AJAX Search

In the search field, enter the line street name – ‘October’, the line address “84” … The result is shown in the illustration. Or introduce a line “to find an organization,” the phrase “administration of the city of Kirov,” click on the link that appears, and once there … All information about the organization of interest, including a working telephone number chief of staff Gennady Ivanovich Plekhova. Comfortable? Yes. In comparison with other similar projects loaded in the browser cache and continued use does not waste the user’s traffic.

Mapping service – is mapping the location of any object on a map. You will be able to orient your customers about the location Your office or online stores, drugstores, gas stations, etc. Over the past decade has broadened the range of users and scope of the handheld computers. These are light and miniature electronic devices have impressive computing power. Developers now work to ensure that an electronic card can boot on handheld computers with laser discs or from the Internet, and then color display can indicate your location directly on the map.

Currently under construction is another useful feature – search for the optimal route. Enter the required information, the user can compute the shortest path from one of the city to another. It is worth noting that it has long been a standard feature on maps of Moscow and St. Petersburg and Kazan. Introducing your starting point and destination, the user receives a detailed description of route starting from a city street corners and finishing the track. In addition, as a rule, takes into account many factors – the direction of motion on one-way streets, etc. Of course, no one can predict where and when will pass road works, especially in the Kirov. And yet, for pedestrians and drivers are not very familiar with the city, this innovation can be very useful. So, to sum up the results. The project is designed both for kirovchan, and for residents of other regions of Russia. Indeed, hardly a paper, printed map of the city of Kirov can be seen in shops or kiosks Rospechat other cities, for example, such as Moscow or St. Petersburg, and the electronic analog is available to every inhabitant of the planet who has Internet access. On the day of the portal goes over 150 unique visitors who make an average of three search query. Also, very soon the map can be easily purchased on CD-media. How convenient – E-map with details to every home. – Fast multi-level scale – from the general appearance of the city to approach that allows to see configuration and house number. – Search and display on a map of streets, homes, businesses, regions, rivers, and the Kirov region on the map easy search of settlements. – Displays information about an object on the map. – Printing any fragment of the map with the selected scale. – The most complete and current database of companies and organizations and the Kirov region. – Extensive search capabilities – search by name or by any address data. – Search organization on a phone number showing on the map. – Technology AJAX lets not reload when the search query.