Shower Gels Propeller

"Beauty is nothing like the promise of happiness" – Stendhal wrote. Beauty is always current. Over time, changes its standards, but the main thing remains constant – it's healthy and natural, natural beauty. Taking care of yourself and your health – an important task of every person. Someone mistakenly thought that the beauty – it's just good makeup or fashionable clothes. In fact, beauty – something more. This fresh, pristine and attractive body care which should be sparing no effort in his youth.

So, start working on a make-up and not even with shopping, and with body care. To make the skin smooth, fresh and elasticity, let's do it cleansing, which is the basis beauty. Get yourself the right to hold the shower in the morning 5 – 10 minutes. Take a shower as follows: first let the stream of hot water from the neck down your spine – it acts on the nervous system as a kind of massage, then put on skin shower gel. You want to find a gel that corresponds to your individual needs and preferences? Currently, manufacturers of cosmetics offer a variety of shower gels. The choice is yours! Beauticians Laboratory "Folk Crafts" have created a special shower gel for people with skin problems. On the body often appears acne.

The reason – the excess of sebum, creating a breeding ground for bacteria, which cause inflammation. Shower gels "propeller" antiugrevoy contain complex and gently cleanse the skin. They clear the skin of excess sebum secretions and dead cells, destroys harmful micro flora, protecting the skin from infection control; retain natural moisture level of skin, leaving it soft and smooth. And most importantly – gels "propeller" contain a unique component of lactulose, has a double effect: the restoration of the lipid barrier epidermis and strengthening the natural immunity of the skin. The use of lactulose in cosmetics is an innovative approach. In the shower gels "propeller" is done for the first time! It's no secret that in the presence of lactulose in the skin increases lysozyme activity, one of the leading factors of nonspecific resistance of the skin, an important component of the natural human immune system. Thus, shower gels, "propeller" not only effectively destroy acne, but also increase the skin's immunity. With the new shower gel "propeller" healing process of the skin is not only useful but enjoyable morning, afternoon and evening. Gel "Grapefruit Juicy" awakens and activates gives fit and adjusts to the positive. "Sweet Mango" softens, nourishes and moisturizes the skin, giving it a velvety softness. "Tropical Orchid" relaxes, calms, gives a unique feeling of comfort, the converting process taking a shower in the exotic SPA – procedure. The English are very closely related to their health, there is a saying: purity – the best beauty. So let's always beautiful and happy! It's in our hands, especially if we hold them high-quality gel!