Dutch Illness Vitor Bellizia

Brazil of After-Crisis and the Dutch Illness Vitor Bellizia (*) Despite under the monetary mantle, it is possible to foresee the new cycle economic that must prevail at least for the next decade. This cycle will be commanded by the dynamics of three emergent countries: China, India and Brazil. Each one inside of its space of performance. Spaces these not competing that without a doubt will be the new dynamic polar region of the world-wide economy. The last economic cycle can be defined between colon: ) the politics of interests low of the FED after 11 of September in 2001 and b) the Lehman in addition Brothers in September of 2008. In this interregno, the world-wide economy attended a strong growth (Graphical Vide below) pulled by the growth of the China that if firmed as the great processor of industrialized products of the world and of India that if characterized as the great world-wide processor of services. India generated ' ' software' ' of this standard of accumulation, as resulted of the educational politics Indiana that it exported students in the decades of 80 and 90 to study in the best centers of education of the world and captured the advantage in services of low costs, over all in the computational area and of call to center and other services with strong inversions of the countries central offices. While China generated ' ' hardware' ' of the model, manufacturing industrialized products and playing a new standard of competition in the Global economy. It fits to stand out that all the inversions in India, China eem other emergent countries had been made in a scene of low tax of interests in the countries central offices and with high international liquidity. (Graphical Vide Below) It occurs that as much this software as this hardware of the model needed two basic components to twirl: ) energy and b) foods.