The Day

But good, as I said, nothing prepares to you so it comes. The scene in my house a pair of weeks after giving light was my pair arriving to work and I in the room with my daughter in arms, being cried and saying to him that it was in the same site where it had left me when going away in the morning, that had not raised me more than to go bathroom, that had not been able to watch nor to read a magazine, that hurt the back to me to be thus all the day, that had not been able to do nothing of my list of things to do and THAT WHICH COULD HABIA NOT TO EAT MY HOT MEAL. My day had been to give teat, to remove pig per hours, to On guard maintain to the baby by the ebb tide at least 45 minutes vertical and of the baby wanted again there to eat and all the routine began again. It was never going to be able to do everything what wanted to do, but in addition, most depressing, felt that never more in the life it was going to be able to eat my hot meal. But they know what? We went away adapting the one to the other and I do not know if the life went away returning easier, hormones us were leaving calm, or simply it stops feeling that the world came to me it raises. The one of hot meal went away turning into a joke.

When mentioned I it like robot, my pair remembered to me that for example Monday had had lunch in the street, that Tuesday he had been in the house and he had cooked to me, that I I had to him thus counted that Wednesday my daughter had slept 2 hours right at the time of lunch and. On the other hand, it is certain, my daughter and the things that came with her occupied all the day to me, but a friend gave a good advice me: that she proposed a single thing to me that to do every day and that did that at least, instead of the 10 things that every day thought to do and they could not. And the truth, when I followed that advice I began to feel less frustrated. Little by little they were being more things and months later it could do almost all the one of my list. That yes, my list became humble and until today, 10 months after been born my daughter, neither I read the magazines, nor orders the photos, nor read books, nor saw the films. And until now I have not made a single class of makes fun of .

.y all that will wait for until the following baby ja ja ja. I finish this post excusing me by vents, but I believe that one of the important things of being father or mother it is to learn to rernos of we ourself /as and the complicated things, unexpected or estresantes that we passed in the initial period of paternity or maternity. So good, I finish with tips. And to the papacitos and other relatives remember to be of maternity license he is not to be of vacations!