Gobbi Training

Already for N3obrega et al. (1999) the aging if characterizes for a continuity process where the declnios related to the physiology human being occur of gradual form. Thus, with these actions of the aging process we identify that not only the biological factor is necessary for the studies of this research. In this context of the aging also they are inserted the connotations economic, ideological, psychological and cultural politics, based in the studies of (FARINATTI, 2008). Taking in consideration the fact to be on directly to the daily one of the people, and that they will be able to intervene direct and/or indirect way, of positive or negative form in the aging process it individual.

In such a way, we observe a diverse gamma of factors that influence the aging process, where all the aspects must be led in consideration to analyze the process of aging of each individual. Considering the cited ranks above, the main objective of this study was to understand and to analyze the effect of the training of the flexibility of the inferior members for the improvement of the march in aged, followed for the specific objectives to relate in the aging process its main physiological alterations, the basic concepts and types of march, as well as making the relation of the types of training of flexibility worked in the training process, considering its necessary use, benefits and cares its application. This interest appeared for perceiving that in some practical, the exercises of flexibility for times secondary if are compared with the practical ones more used in training programs as, for example, the force training. en P Rosenthal. In search of answers in this field of research, we carry through a study of the boardings related to flexibility and physical exercise, a time that still are scarce programs of related physical exercises to the subject, and also for many times other programs of training as: (training of force, races, lessons of gymnastics and others) not to be incased in such a way in the profile of some aged ones, that for times they present limitations related to little flexibility.