Fast Track

Every time is approaching it's time to annual leave, we are faced with the question where, and most importantly how to get to paradise in which everyone (he was sure of it) will hold the best days of the year. There's no need to run on Station or Air tickets and stand in line for the coveted ticket. All this can be done without leaving home. Book – range of transportation and travel services for you. Site connected to global airline reservations, Galileo and siren, as well as to the xml gateway Express 3. All information presented on this site information about schedules, availability and cost of air and railway tickets is accurate at the time of request. When ordering tickets directly pnr is created in the reservation systems. This means that you have selected places (ie tickets) are reserved for you and can not be purchased by other interested persons.

With train tickets is somewhat different, since nowhere on the internet you do not find a site where you can book their place in the train – as long as such services simply do not. But thanks to the operational work of the railway managers all booked places are always converted into tickets. In addition, the site has opportunity to choose trip ticket, book a room in any hotel of the world, to request a transfer to the airport or train station, as well as service vip service and Fast Track. And one more important advantage: the system of reservations working around the clock, while promoting the delivery of ordered tickets his own courier service..