Francisco Baena

They only give you what they are: nothing should be appropriating our life. He starts to think for you, to feel you, to decide for you and take the consequences of your actions. It is the only way that your life will be really yours. Francisco Baena, in this regard reminds US, that one of the great catharsis that humans must live in their existence is being oneself beyond the opinions of others. The approval or disallowance of our opinions, attitudes, desires, attitudes and behaviors by the group is so strong that, in most cases, converted to drive motors of our lives, for good or for evil.

Be yourself and maintain consistency should be the goal of all made life. Already Gandhi said: are you sure to not push you the thirst of gold, fame or power? You are really sure that you can stay to your ideal and persevere in it, although the whole world tries to crush you? You’re sure you know what you want and you obey your duty and nothing more than your duty, even if your life is at stake? Are you sure that the fight will continue as long as you have life, as long as your heart has strength to beat once again? If so, you’re a true reformer, a teacher, a blessing for humanity. The great challenge of the best sons of each generation must be live the consistency more than opinions and be one himself, banishing the superfluous and arm yourself with the great human values (VG Goodness, justice, solidarity, mercy, meekness, love, forgiveness, etc), the real wealth of the human spirit. Opinion polls, so burning today, become targets that changed the course of many men and women; thousands of people savoring the frustration by not feeling in their lives the approval of others, on the other hand as ephemeral and changing