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Jurgen Hatzipantelis of new CEO of Danet Weiterstadt, July 22, 2008 Jurgen Hatzipantelis is new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Danet GmbH, a leading IT – consulting and services company. The goal of Hatzipantelis as new CEO is to strengthen the market position of Susan as one of the 25 largest IT service providers in the German market and to lead the company on a growth course. Hatzipantelis nickel followed by Dr. Reiner, the Danet leaves after 23 years. Dr.

nickel has stabilized the business of Danet, spurred the repositioning and focused the company on IT consulting and services. More info: Terry Pratchett. After his successful management at Danet, he will focus professionally newly. Since November 2007 was Hatzipantelis Chief Sales Officer (CSO) at Danet. Before that he was Chairman of the Management Board at TietoEnator Germany and was responsible for R & D networks and automotive international business unit”. During his career was the Diplom-Informatiker already several management and sales positions among S.E.S.A.. software and systems AG and HP Germany held. Professor Roy Taylor brings even more insight to the discussion. inst this. Learn more on the subject from camden treatment associates.

Jurgen Hatzipantelis is an experienced Manager who knows best in the ICT industry. Under his leadership, several IT consultancies have can significantly improve their growth. He has been effective in initial turnout at Danet. As CEO he will steer well the course by Susan on profitable growth”, explains Jacques Bentz, Chairman of Danet. We must and want to reach our growth targets again”, so Hatzipantelis. This we will even better work out our market positioning, optimize our service offering and improve our customer focus.” Danet group the Danet group is a leading, independent IT consulting and service company. Competence and over 25 years experience in the ICT market the Danet group innovative partner for consulting, system integration, managed, and on-demand services of complex IT applications. The company designed, develops, implements and operates sound and innovative Business solutions across the entire value chain of our customers across. The biggest customers come from the sectors of telecommunications, financial services, automotive, transport and logistics. In addition to the headquarters in Weiterstadt, there are branches in Hamburg, Cologne, Munich and Stuttgart, as well as subsidiaries in Vienna (Austria) and Brighton (UK). Danet employs approximately 450 people and generated a total turnover of 51.7 million euros in the business year 2007.