Eastern Europe Impex

Sea freight specialists of the Emons Impex forwarding open second location in Bremen. The 1989 founded Emons Impex company with headquarters in Hamburg opened at the beginning of the year a new branch office in Bremen. With the new location in Bremen, the Emons Impex optimized forwarding the overseas connection for worldwide shipments. In addition […]

New Communication Systems

Cisco and Musion companies have launched a new telecommunications system for large companies based on holographic telepresence can be anywhere, even while thousands of miles. In principle this technology is aimed at large companies to their top executives to give speeches and conferences anywhere in the world without physically being present. It is a system […]

Majupay Chronicle

The poet Armando Torregrosa was a day for the Majupay lagoon in search of inspiration but became night without that I could write a single line. Desperate to literary drought of the moment set his sight on the horizon and he could see the distance an elderly Wayuu, in whose white beards were lit intermittently […]

Novice Arranger

Well, finally, you bought a computer and burn a desire to quickly begin to 'do' soundtrack, his or others' – does not matter. Let's dwell a bit, actually, before buying, it is desirable to determine what is it you? To work with music – one for graphics or video – another, of course, would be […]

Domain More Important

If you’re a professional, artist or independent worker, your name is your personal brand. This is why register your name as your domain allows more people find you on the Internet and gives you identity on the network. Then your name I give you some of the reasons that you should regitra: to have my […]

Improve Performance

Tags AIRNERGY convinced there is treatment with sensational results days in life, it would have remained better in bed where, because you simply can focus or you feel really tired. Newcastle University is the source for more interesting facts. “What sounds very profane for some people, is a bit trickier for pilots: no matter whether […]