Breast Augmentation

The increase in the size of the breasts is a facelift procedure that is used to increase the size and enhance the shape of the breasts. With this surgery, we increase the size of the breasts one or several sizes by entering a mammary prosthesis. Who are good candidates for surgery increase breast size? Women lingering by the size of her breasts. Women with very small breasts women whose excessive weight loss or pregnancy have changed the size and shape of your breasts. Although there is no risk of the increase to alter future pregnancies, yes you should know that moms can return to pick up something after a new pregnancy. Women who have difficulty to find suitable clothing. Women who have a significant asymmetry in their breasts.

If you are analyzing the possibility of surgery to increase the size of your breasts, you must be fully developed, physically and emotionally healthy and have realistic expectations about the surgery. How is the intervention? Breast augmentation increase is a simple surgery, which consists in the realization of a small incision that the prosthesis is inserted. To insert and position the denture can use three types of incisions: periareolar, which is made around the areola, in the Groove under the chest; or the armpit, at the level of the armpit. In all cases, the incision is very small so the subsequent scar is almost invisible. Through this opening, the surgeon creates a cavity where the prosthesis, directly under the breast tissue or underneath the pectoral muscle will be hosted. A bandage will be removed within a few days is applied. The prosthesis that is used in almost all cases is that of rugged silicone membrane filled with gel, which has achieved that you drastically decrease the so-called capsular retraction (chest felt hard, spherical and sometimes annoying) to less than 2% percentages.

Other possible local complications, such as bruising, infection, intolerance to sutures, etc., will require appropriate treatment, but they have an extremely low incidence. The breast augmentation is usually done under general anesthesia, and in some cases with local anesthesia with sedation according to medical criteria. The intervention lasts between 1 and 2 hours and the result is immediately visible. The patient can go home the same day or stay in the clinic one day being subsequently examined by his surgeon. Subsequent developments dressings are removed in a few days, after which the patient will wear a special bra. The points are removed from the first week, and the possible inconvenience are adequately controlled with medication prescribed by your plastic surgeon. Hear other arguments on the topic with Donald Sussman. Usually the first two weeks the intervened area may have a slight swelling, which decreases by the third week. It is normal to feel some discomfort when moving arms, but will gradually disappear. The patient may return to work within a few days, but should avoid lifting objects over your head or make sudden movements within 2 or 3 weeks. Controls Mammographic appropriate for each woman according to her age can still be, although the existence of the prosthesis should be warned. Operation will not limit its ability to to breast-feed if you become pregnant. Original author and source of the article


Rhinoplasty the Rhinoplasty nose surgery or rhinoplasty nose surgery is a surgery very popular with which corrects imperfections or problems of the nose. Not always it turns to it by an aesthetic issue. Sometimes, the intervention is necessary to correct malformations or defects that cause problems in breathing. The procedure is delicate, so you must resort to the appropriate professionals to carry it out successfully. Who can resort to a rhinoplasty? There are no special requirements, any patient who wants to improve their appearance or try some type of defect that causes problems.

Do not perform before puberty although in particular cases the doctor may indicate it during childhood, since many times the surgery is essential to improve respiratory capacity. You may find Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. to be a useful source of information. In terms of maximum age, there is a specific limit although it will depend on the patient’s condition and if it’s a purely cosmetic procedure or is fundamental to improve breathing. the area remains inflamed, feel some discomfort, such as nasal congestion, but is not usual to feel pain. If you experience pain or persistent discomfort, this can be relieved with some analgesic. When will the patient return to everyday tasks? At 48 hours of made surgery possible return to the simple activities within the home, those that do not require physical effort. Learn more at: Donald Sussman. It is recommended to take between 7 and 10 days of rest before returning to work or school. No you can practise sports or activities requiring great physical effort for at least three months.

It is very important to take care of the area of exposure to the Sun during the first two months or until it ceases to be bruising. The Sun will accentuate and will definitely record the bruises on the face and these spots will be very difficult to remove later.

One Motivation

The Brazilian is excited about its beginning of season at Real Madrid. He has thanked the support received by his peers and Jose Mourinho. He started his scoring account with a goal against Real Zaragoza. The Brazilian two Ricardo Izecson Santos Leite, Kaka, said in an interview to the website of your club after a summer full of speculation about his possible departure from Real Madrid, the goal he scored in the first League match and the support of the Portuguese coach, Jose Mourinho, and all his companions are one motivation. I am happy to be able to start the League in this way. You may wish to learn more. If so, Preventive Medicine Research Institute is the place to go. It is good for me because last year started badly for the surgery that I had to pass.

Start this year with a victory as well, making a goal and participating for a few minutes is fine, pointed out by Kaka. In addition, the Brazilian has declared that having started the League scoring gives much hope because, thanks to that goal, speculations have run about his possible departure from Real Madrid. Kaka has also highlighted have this confidence from the first League match personally is important to have continuity, playing more minutes and gradually return to have an optimal form, because in this way will be seeing the best Kaka, since, as he himself said: is what I, myself and the fans. The Brazilian has wanted to highlight all the support that is receiving from his classmates. My colleagues are helping me a lot. They did so in difficult periods and now that things are getting better they rejoice much when things I go well, he pointed out.

Finally, Kaka has had words of appreciation for the coach and his coaching: Mourinho always gave me much confidence and credibility. I could tell he didn’t over this player and team that they look for him. He also believes that I can help and give a lot to the team. Not only he, also the technical Commission. Source of the news: Kaka: “I know I have colleagues who love me is one motivation”

Procedure Patient

The gastric balloon is a device that is intended for a purely temporary use, for those patients who suffer from obesity and that after several attempts, have failed to maintain a control program, or a supervised diet weight loss, so that their health is in danger. The gastric balloon, recommended to those patients with one BMI greater than 40, so they reduce weight before submission to a definitive surgery to reduce surgical risks. It is important to consider that the gastric balloon, is a procedure that must be used hand in hand with a program of modification of eating habits as well as a supervised diet, to increase the possibilities to maintain the correct weight for a long-term. Professor Roy Taylor brings even more insight to the discussion. It is an ideal alternative also, for those people who want to lose weight, but who don’t want to any surgical intervention. Its maximum placement period is 6 months and although it is a procedure which gives high to the patient the same day your placement, it is possible that during the first 6 months the patient suffer any discomfort. The gastric balloon applies through endoscopy and under sedation, so that the patient does not feel any discomfort during your application..


When a uterine curettage is performed usually applies to the patient a general anesthesia to be a low-risk surgery, above all so that it does not get nervous when carrying out the procedure, although it can also be applied locally and must be conducted in a surgery room accompanied by a brief stay in the hospital so the doctor check the status health of women and their progress. Once has numbed the woman, is to enter the instrument called a curette through the vagina, which is an instrument honed a kind of head of spoon at one end that will go through the neck of the uterus and that will gently scrape off the endometrium to remove unwanted tissue. Curettage has several applications, among which we will find: abortion of less than three months of gestation, treatment of irregular menstrual bleeding, as well as to remove parts that are inside the woman when an abortion is practiced or to complete the abortifacient working. Donald Sussman can aid you in your search for knowledge. If used as abortifacient method, importantly, it has efficacy in almost 100% of cases, leaving only 1% margin of error. There are other reasons why the curettage can practice, but they are not as common.

Among these we can find some women who have already entered into menopause and have bleeding on the one hand, and on the other women who practiced an ultrasound that throws than your endometrium (which is a tissue that is located within the matrix) is thick. Unlike previous cases, curettage in these cases will serve to take a sample of endometrial tissue and thus able to obtain a biopsy and thus know what kind of treatment is that has to be taken depending on the case through a microscopic inspection in order to understand the origin of the bleeding. As mentioned previously is a low-risk surgery, in addition to being a procedure practiced commonly, but despite this there is to remember that each body is different, so in some cases come to present some discomfort as cramping, nausea that may end up in vomit and sometimes bleeding that resembles the menstruation. Original author and source of the article

Biography Guabiraba Joo

It rained in all passage until arriving at the community of Pimental. We arrive at the community of Pimental to 13h30m, go down of the car of sr Martins, where all had been lodged in the residence of sr Josefina (sister of Joilma academic), and had given beginning to the lunch. After the meal professor Adalson Sena in them charged to the tasks dividing the group in two groups where the main subject was: ' ' So' ' Guabiraba, a saint canonizado for the communities. The first group was composed for Alessandra, Joilma, Gilvane and Pablo, which had been in charge searching the following questions proposals for the professor: Biography Who was? How it appeared? Who age? Where it liveed? Where it died? Which reason of its death? Why gratefulness with oil diesel or kerosene? Soon historical of Pimental A community of 120 the 60 years km of Itaituba, located the edges left of the river Tapajs with 180 families and approximately 838 inhabitants. It possesss 03 temples; an Assembly of God, and two chapels catholics. A school, rank of health, public and fixed telephone, old house of force and light and a parochial hall. The current mayor of the city is Mr. Walmir Climaco.

The local commerce is supplied through terrestrial transport as: cars D20 (wood of ploughs) trucks, that also they are used to carry personal loads and capacities. With the story of some inhabitants of which we had the chance to interview, we acquire information that had served as base for our research. They follow the names of the interviewed ones: Sr Joo Blacksmith, 65 Francisca years Pear tree, 75 years Ernest Breads of Rasp, 74 years Deniva Cerine Azevedo, Ivanir Azevedo Ozileia Maria Joo Enrique Bibiana Maria Da Silva, known as Gabriela, 104 years Biography Guabiraba Joo, person from the state of Cear according to stories, not being identified the date of birth.


In contrast to sensory aphasia speech understanding others is not violated. Does not suffer from an understanding of their purpose to some extent retained the ability to deliberate purposeful activity – processes visual-thinking proceed at a satisfactory level. This is expressed by the dissociation between the outwardly orderly conduct and ability to perform even simple labor operations, on the one hand, and the deep incoherence of speech – on the other. Dissociation of thinking can be observed in writing. In addition to the monologues of a broken voice – shizofaziey, dissociation of thought can be manifested by a symptom responses. There are different kinds of past responses. It may be past responses, which ignores the content of the question and there is no logical connection in the utterance. Visit Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Jr. for more clarity on the issue. For example, when asked about the health patient responds: "Prison – School of Science, working and living tractor." In another embodiment, by-and-answer uttered the phrase, which by themselves are not devoid of meaning, but not in logical connection with the asked question.

So, the question of how he was sleeping, the patient said: "Yesterday all day it was rain, but personally I prefer the storm." By the manifestations of dissociation can be attributed, obviously, and these responses are are given in different logical sense, though in terms of a given issue. On the question of whether it changed the memory, the patient responds, "Visual memory I have is good, it was always better than auditory." Main content the question is left unattended, affected only one aspect of it, which is not explicitly stated and, at best, only implied. This kind of slipping into a different logical plane is to be distinguished from inaccurate responses caused by negligence. In the latter case, usually the main content is released, significant uncertainty related to low or thin parts. Psychological basis of incoherence of thought see in slip phenomena of thought – loosening of the logical structures and transitions from one logical reasoning in another plan. This is due to the fact that the updated latent or weak links between concepts, and significant, long-stay on the periphery of consciousness. Dissociation, which manifests itself decay and preservation of logical grammatical structures, reflects the difference between speech and thought. It is known that the speech forms (Internal structure of speech) in the course of individual development are formed much earlier than the ability to think logically.

By symptom-response is also observed in hysterical reactions, but here it looks different. The answer, wrong on the merits, however given in terms of response and delivered to the same sounds deliberately ridiculous. For example, a request to tell how many will, if the two multiplied by two, the patient may respond in different ways: three, five, seven – wrong, but always on the job and with a demonstration of ignorance. A patient with a dissociation of thought will respond differently, like this: "We have to prove the point." Dissociation of thinking is a characteristic feature of schizophrenia.

Atmospheric Pollution

We also define atmospheric Pollution or conhecidacomo Pollution of air, as any substance or energy that comes to modify aspropriedades of this atmosphere, affecting, or being able to affect, the health of the espciesanimais or vegetables that they depend or they have contact with this atmosphere, or mesmoque comes to provoke modifications physicist-chemistries in the mineral species quetenham contact with it. Estetipo of pollution is in part consequence of the action of the man, therefore introduzemprodutos toxics and chemistries in the environment. Aqueima of fsseis fuels propitiates the release of carbon monoxide, quecorresponde the great one numbers of set free pollutants in great metropolises. Dixidode sulphur nitrogen, dioxide, acid nitric, sulfuric acid ehidrocarbonetos are other pollutants that contribute for this type of pollution. Comosintomas of this atmospheric pollution we can present irritation of respiratory evias mucosae, cancers, alteration of water and ground, corroses deconstrues and monuments, thermal inversion, effect of greenhouse and dacamada ozone destruction are some consequences of the action of these. Thus, it is important to review our attitudes individual to ecobrar of our representatives and superiors referring attitudes to the quality to donate.. Without hesitation Donald Sussman explained all about the problem.


Another sufficiently interesting question of if observing in the answers of the interviewed ones were when asking ' ' where we can find the culture? ' ' the interviewed answers of the two first ones had been the same one: ' ' where to inhabit life human being, cultura&#039 meets; ' , differentiating itself of the third person, who to the being inquired on the question answers: ' ' in one school! I find that in house nobody has culture not, in house you I feel the will, I I find that only the rich ones have these frescuras' '. That is, the consequence of a thought of the ruling classes is perceived clearly, when affirming that who only has one determined purchasing power is who has culture, as Laraia cites: ' ' In a Country as ours, where forms hierarquizantes of classification cultural always had been dominant, where the elite always was made use the auto one to chastise itself saying that we do not have a culture, nothing more healthful of what this antropolgico exercise to discover that the negative form – this to say that we do not have culture is, paradoxicalally, a way to act cultural ' ' (Laraia? 2001) Still analyzing the interview, the culture of them was asked to interviewed the which age, where the first person answered: ' ' I believe exactly that I have typically occidental cultural aspects, however adapted the regional aspects that differ in them from the others, that let us belong pas&#039 the same; '. Donald Sussman shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Already the second person, says that ' ' my culture she is the northeastern, what I will have northeast I approve! ' ' as that it disapproved what does not belong to the culture of it, in a etnocntrica vision to see the culture. Already the third interviewed person, remained with a thought of inferiority regarding its proper culture, that answered: ' ' My culture? What I find myself? I do not find that I have culture not! Cult is who knows to eat of yoke and knife, I already tried, but not inenche the belly not! taste not to use those high shoes not! It is interesting to analyze the different cultures, observing similarities and differences, but having always a vision to compare or to understand the behavior of the different existing communities and not to observe by means of the etnocentrismo, wanting to show to this or that culture as being best. Deepa L. Sekhar, M.D. addresses the importance of the matter here.


Receptors – a complex, large molecules, located on the surface of cell membranes. Their main function is to transfer external impulses into the cell. Recently Newcastle University sought to clarify these questions. In the role of these pulses are the various chemical substances contained in blood and interstitial fluid. Impact on the receptor to a substance starts a cascade of biochemical reactions inside cells, leading to the implementation of this cage of its functions. For example, insulin (A hormone produced by the pancreas), communicating with 'their' receptors located on fat cells, liver cells, muscle, and others, promotes the free entry of glucose molecules inside these cells. With a shortage of receptors to insulin, which is observed in some forms of diabetes in adults, glucose accumulates in the blood in excessive amounts.

Many drugs have the ability to either stimulate or block the work of the receptors. At the same time as any substance has its own well-defined receptor, and these drugs also act on specific receptors. Blocking a number of receptors leads to the fact that natural products of metabolism in the body is not able to contact them and cause any physiological response. Thus, H1-histamine receptor blockers to prevent these substances to cause the manifestation of allergic reactions and Conversely, drops in the nose, designed to combat the cold, by binding to the receptors for adrenaline, located in the vessels of the nasal mucosa, causing an effect similar to the action of the adrenaline, resulting in reduced edema and the development of discharge.