New Website Of The Baltic Sea Resort Damp

Visitors to the Web site is since the beginning of this week easily navigate: the resort has designed its website clearer and more effective. The Baltic Sea resort damp presented within the framework of its new corporate design now also with a new Web site on the net. Open and modern website addresses the new design guidelines of the holiday home. The Baltic Sea resort damp with its various offers different guests, visitors and group addresses. You may find that Dean Ornish M.D can contribute to your knowledge. The new structure of the site provide a good orientation and targeted access to the requested information of for each operation and the range of the system and the easy navigation. The colours of the logo introduced in April of this year and whose meaning is repeated on the newly designed homepage: the four different areas of the leisure destination are shown the visitors for a clear focus on the home page as individual boxes. Day, weekend and holiday-makers will find as well as participants of conferences targeted the desired information. Aim of the new website was bundled and easily accessible to provide the guest with the wealth of information available”, says Florian Burgdorf, the marketing & sales department ‘ of the Baltic Sea resort damp, the website of the reason on co-developed and Dinge has. “And proud he adds: and we achieved this.” Press contact: Baltic Sea resort damp Ostseebad damp GmbH Seeufer route 10, 24351 Melanie Jaeger phone: 04352 / 80-8939 mobile: 0172 / 2352564

The Answers

Such employee loyalty can ask are as follows: I can well imagine to work even longer here. And this, because. I’m talking with third parties (known, friends, customers) positive about us. And this, because. I encourage those interested to become our customer. And this, because. I encourage potential employees to apply with us. And this, because.

I don’t do all this, because such questions force the employees not in a solid response schema, and they also don’t degrade it to the Kreuzchenmacher. Instead, you give him the opportunity to express themselves freely. So he is more intense with each point to deal and the company receives more viable responses. Questions like these also serve to involve actively the employees. So this win the good feeling the things to be delivered not passed out.

Rather, he will become the co-creator and can make valuable contributions. Preventive Medicine Research Institute describes an additional similar source. Responsibility awareness and acceptance evolve almost as saying. And the answers help managers valuable information, finally better work results. Very efficient: the question my favorite question to the staff is by the way the matter of conscience ‘, and that goes to: Dear staff, imagine that you are our corporate conscience. What would you say to us? “The question in writing provided, so a fictitious person can be subscribed to, sitting with an Angel and a devil right and left on the shoulder. Depending on can be fitted even a portrait photo of the interviewed person. That makes the thing still emotional. The answers can bring much to light what you wanted to maybe even always like to know: for example, as it felt the employees in a particular situation. Or what she said then and then the customer and for whatever reason. Probably the Chief so finally well find out what terms of rumor but he already all knew, and what are the actual reasons for persistent problems.

With BASE, Dreams Come True!

If you firmly want something, there is sometimes a faster reality than you think. If you firmly want something, there is sometimes a faster reality than you think. For a more intimate desire convinced others. Until May 15, all members of the BASE can select circle a three great dreams and explain why this should go just for them in compliance. The dream profits: A luxury vacation on an island a shopping weekend in Paris the celebration of life so it works: to participate must describe why BASE to fulfill the dream. The 20 best applications are selected by BASE for large online voting the voting all decide whether BASE customer or not, about the winner. Hear from experts in the field like Barbara Martin Coppola for a more varied view. The winner of the vote will receive his dream Prize worth 1,000 of 5,000 participants at the courses of 2 to 6 each and a dream of their choice can meet under the mitvoten all, we are giving away 5 x 1 iPad 4 who can take part? Members of circle of friends can apply to all BASE.

Who is not a member, can register free of charge. Anyone can participate in the online voting. When and where will online voting take place? By the 03.06 until July 1 and only here in the BASE circle. More information under: circle / over BASE: BASE are the customer at the Center. Because only those who know its customers, could allow them a carefree, mobile life. Thanks to easier prices and a large selection of mobile phones is BASE full of possibilities for a fair price performance ratio. Contact for press inquiries to BASE: Manuela Mirzadeh corporate communications Tel. + 49-211-448-2273 fax + 49-211 – 448-4777

Minerva Publishing House

A bit of straw on it, would be a luxury. Orders are ferocious. Dan a can of sardines, every twenty-four hours for fifteen people. Two or three children die every day. We wanted to escape and it has been impossible: the gendarmes on each side, opposed an impassable barrier. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Newcastle University. They have dark heart, such as uniforms and the soul of tinplate.

“We are prisoners of a friendly nation.” Mistral Silvia. THE voice PRISONER of a nation friendly Mistral Silvia writer published in Mexico, in 1944, a delicate book of stories in poetic prose, Madreporas, with illustrations by Ramon Gaya and autograph dedication to Ceferino Palencia, husband of Isabel Oyarzabal malaguena, the first Ambassador of Spain; four years earlier, had published serialized in the magazine today, her diary, which was published by the Minerva Publishing House, founded by her husband, the exodus title: Diary of a Spanish refugee, with a prologue by Felipe Leon, and regarded as one of the major works of the exile. In the journal tells us the last months of the war, suffered in a barrio obrero, close to Barcelona. It lies in a corner full of dust guitar – tells us the author-. The curtains have been torn apart by bombs. On the roofs they already do not flutter birds. Where will the birds be? Which region inhabit, now, swallows, sparrows and the goldfinches? Now, everything is torn apart by the war. I’m going to leave.

How and where? I don’t know then tells us a bitter view of the French concentration camps. In Argeles is easier to enter to leave – Mistral Silvia – tells us. An immense Beach, and nothing else. Or shed, or water, or food, or nurses, or medicines.

Metaphysics Of Plato

second navigation was that one carried through by proper force in search of a supply-sensible reality, that is, of the intelligible being. In the first navigation the philosopher remains in the world of the directions, and in second navigation exists the release of this world, reaching the world of the ideas. Quality, colors, figures, etc., for Plato are not true causes of something, but yes with-causes. To construct true cause, something is necessary to be intelligible, that is, idea, the pure form Beautiful it, being that any physical thing assumes a supreme and last cause of Metaphysical character. Of this form, for, Plato shows the existence of two plans of the being, a fenomnico, sensible; another metafenomnico, only captvel with the mind.

After this second navigation, can be spoken of incorporeal, sensible and supply-sensible, empirical and metaemprico, physical and supraphysical material; thus creating world of the ideas . 2. THE BEING OF THE IDEAS Nowadays, the term idea sends in them to the form, constituent nature, figure, aspect, appearance, type, species, what it is seen. However, before Plato, this term it meant what , characteristic property, or are seen type. For Plato, the true knowledge (epistme) is possible, given the changeable nature of the sensible phenomena, therefore it will only be possible will have steady, perpetual reality stops mere beyond the sensible one. The platonic ideas exist for itself same, are in the base of the proper one> Fdon 79 , Plato affirms that the soul, for being invariant, conserve always its identity. Exactly with as many changes in the body, us never we leave of being> attracts is not one arqutipo of something beautiful for example, but the concrete beauty of this something, therefore if something is beautiful, is because it participates of the absolute Form of the beauty. The same valley for and the well good distinction between

Healthier Lifestyle

Many people, to get sick, does not seek the causes of what they cause their ills but that is limited to search how to cover their daily discomfort symptoms. Filed under: Dean Ornish M.D. Not realizing the causes that generate them going in search of drugs to mask the unpleasant symptoms, this is a problem because, if we think for example, a headache and we see that the action taken is the take a painkiller every day by the recurrence of pain, far cure us, in the long run be able to generate another problem. We are spending an amount continues to cover an evil that will also be likely to generate another, like having heartburn or you acides, this will require new continuous medication and more expenses also. We build new problems, more diseases and more expenses that also may generate stress us and more and more health problems and economic. If we stop for a few seconds to find the possible causes of these continuous headaches, gastritis, diarrhoea and recurrent, and similar diseases could give us account that are perhaps caused by actions such as stay without eating for long hours, nourish us with very poor quality food, live too much stressed by circumstances which really do not warrant it, eating foods high in fats, acids, chile eating habits or lifestyle not suitable, etc. I invite you to have a better health and a way of doing this is by carefully watching these diseases; not to mention the more serious than duty undoubtedly require the assistance of a doctor, I speak of the everyday discomforts in your life which from home we can pay attention to its causes away from only automedicarnos.

See if this analysis and their solutions of Fund we can achieve improved and not have to go to the doctor for one larger medium-or long-term problem or continue covering the real causes with pills. Get beyond the grounds which are awarded by popular beliefs; investigating, today the Internet can be a valuable source of information, just be careful that the source of the information is reliable. Searches for possible causes and practical solutions to split it into an analysis of your habits and behaviors that improve them can make you improve your quality of life. There is back pain are not as serious, are only due to live in not correct positions, write down these evils, searched possible causes you favourable them and seeks to resolve the problem of Fund. Correct our bad habits and fix our way to solve everything with pills, surely will help to achieve better physical health and, why not say it, also economic.

Learn how to manage our stress or stop eating improper foods and perform more conducive as a little exercise activities help us to build a good health. A life more harmonious and well nourished in every sense will consequently throw a better quality of life. You must inform us, investigate more, ask more. Best thoughts and better habits to build a healthier life. Ponte in action and reinvent your life.

Successful Diet

for all those who have decided to lose weight, they are already in the process or simply, are interested in form to manducar healthy and cleverly so that numbers of the weight does not rise up to the sky. 1. Come more fruits and vegetables. Although it sounds paradoxical, your diet should include more of these foods and not less. Fruits and vegetables are rich in fiber, nutrients, and water, which will make you repair fed up (a) longer and with fewer calories. 2.Toma plenty of water. Professor Roy Taylor might disagree with that approach. The trick is simple: when you have a craving for snacks, first takes water. That way you llenaras more and avoid overdo eating little that you can consider a pecadito.

3.Deja the pimple only for special occasions or for certain days of the week. The trinque contain empty calories (not provide you sustaining), so if you enjoy it in moderation, can you commit with you and leave it only for when the occasion requires it, or as a palate that you realize only certain days of the week. 4.Escribe what you eat every day. So you can visualize and have more control over the foods you eat every day. One study showed that people who carry a diary of your nutrient during the week, lost two times more weight than those who do not. 5.Costal of your shelf food that fattening. Do not buy Fries or gelato, because memorizing are to your wingspan will be tempted. Instead of having that, buy food and snacks (snacks) healthy to satisfy your cravings throughout the day. Visit this link for knows what are the last 2 pair councils to you.

Chinese Medicine

Moxa therapy of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is Moxakraut (Mugwort herb) in over acupuncture points burned to eliminate Kaltesymtome in the body that old system of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is thousands of years is also in the West their way is gaining among us more and more. And although the traditional Chinese is very different from our debt medicine they are nevertheless not incompatible, but can complement rather useful. The classical methods of applying TCM is called the moxa therapy or even moxibustion. This Moxakraut (Mugwort herb) is burned in different forms over certain parts of the body, usually on acupuncture points. You may wish to learn more. If so, Dean Ornish M.D is the place to go. One distinguishes between cold – and heat-diseases in TCM. Cold-related diseases caused by an external factor such as cold wind, or by lack of certain substances.

With the moxa therapy are particularly cold diseases goal the moxa is treated according to TCM treatment the blood flow is to support, the Chi”to strengthen, to distribute cold and eliminate, and thus relieve the associated symptoms. The moxa has herb both internally as well as externally properties warming this herb. The methods of applying the moxa therapy are relatively different. In the moxibustion with Moxakegel, the therapist of to cone-shaped small Moxakraut sets the appropriate acupuncture points. The cones are lighted until they slowly burn out. As soon as the patient feels a sensation of heat, slide the cone to the next point of therapy. Something simple is the treatment with Moxazigarren.

When ignited the therapist here a Moxazigarre and approaches the glowing tip the therapy point about half a centimetre. Areas of application of Moxa therapy include: exhaustion colds or respiratory pain (such as tension headache) for tension, spine problems) should be applied urinary tract infections and gynecological problems Moxen at: fever in acute inflammation It is sensitive in pregnancy in severe nervousness or insomnia, high blood pressure in open wounds and bad durchblutetem through tissue as well as poor wound healing in infants because your skin is. Diabetic should also not gemoxt, because here often are sensory disturbances and thermal perception is impaired, also diabetics often suffer from delayed wound healing.

Wander Through The Art Of Slowness:

“Exhibit work of the Hamburg-based painter Linde Hartmann in the Segeberger Kunstverein, Villa Flath from 2nd to 22nd June 2013 the Segeberger Art Club opening on June 2nd from 11: 00 Villa Vlath, Bismarckallee 5, 23795 bad Segeberg stroll”, as a metaphor, the almost forgotten art of leisurely and aimless Strip through the landscape, this title combines all works on display. As an experiment, Linde Hartmann Bild am image is based on the same basic design of linear fits. It can be always repeated views of an Oregon grape outside the window which mingles with different inner images at different time and shows the various types of perception of the moment. New chains of Association arise. The image as a starting point and projection at the same time. Another aspect of the work of Linde Hartmann is the complexity of seeing. All sensory experiences are enrolled in our reputation.

We find still figures in the large-format screen that indicates the title of the exhibition strange in the movement, each in a individual and while stylized formulation between contemplation and expression started. About the image base, a variety of small forms spins as second level as a network. You may wish to learn more. If so, Preventive Medicine Research Institute is the place to go. They overlay, zip and shimmer, dance and tumbling and point to the complexity of looking. Through the elaborate filigree exaggerations, time in the image is specifically enrolled in the painting process. The exhibition rooms of the Segeberger Kunstverein in the Villa Flath provides a warm atmosphere for the work.

The adjoining garden invites to reflection about the pictures and the own life. To make discoveries, the artist: one of the happiest moments in my life. Includes intense to live the here and now. I have never ceased to be, which playing strips through the meadows or on the Jetty lies the child, and absent-mindedly marveled at the nature in her infinite variations. All these aspects incorporated into my artistic work”. Born in Eisenberg and grew up in Mecklenburg, Linde studied Hartmann in the early 1980s painting at the Leipziger Hochschule fur Grafik und Buchkunst. Linde Hartmann lives and works in Hamburg since 1988. For more information see and > Invitation (PDF 180kB) Manfred Hartmann


Since the German North has other summer holidays, as the German South this week is not the same. AB Germany-Nord and Germany Center we chose the school vacation week 20th July to 27 July both Saturdays. Also on Saturdays, we booked the school holiday week from August 3 to August 10 sample from Germany-South. As German airports, we chose for Germany North Berlin or Hamburg, Germany Center Cologne or Frankfurt and Germany South of Stuttgart or Munich. As travel destinations, we chose the well-frequented destinations like London and Mallorca, as well as for Vueling Barcelona (Vueling flies to Majorca nor London!). The price of the cheapest Direktflugs on this day and at this track we recorded from Germany-North, Mitte and Sud and the calculated from the three bookings by cutting price. The price of the test booking incorporated way, twice in the overall score.

Our opinion especially the price determines at which airline I book a course? Gadjo major price of test booking was rated 1 rated, the highest note 4 clicks to book: how many clicks do I need up to the Completion of the booking on the Internet? How many Pop-Ups must I click away? How often are annoying extras such as car rental or travel insurance imposed on me, I don’t need? How often I should check mark”under policies set or special requests or off off select? What Internet sites, however, are clearly structured? What website focuses on the essentials? Pages here the best cut to 30 clicks, pages 45 clicks received note 5. See Dean Ornish M.D for more details and insights. destinations: how many European destinations flies to the airline from Germany? Thus, how big is your offer for all Fernwehgeplagten? Who has the most direct connections to the beach and Sun? Lufthansa and AirBerlin can boast here extremely over 100 destinations, while the still rather insignificant low-cost provider Vueling with only four destinations on place backmost ranks. TARIFF structure: This map has us interested, the fare structure is as open and what fares are offered? While Ryanair is limited to only a fare, you can at Lufthansa and AirBerlin can choose from four tariffs. Ever more expensive it is, the more options for rebooking, cancellation, and the more luxurious seat pitch, etc. Graded we don’t have this category for the overall assessment. TICKET change: If you book a more expensive, flexible tariff, must repeatedly reposting this and cancel, as he wants to.

At low rates or bargain prices, however, a subsequent ticket changes and cancellations is often no longer possible. A transfer posting only on the long-haul, but not on medium – and short-haul is available on some fares. Of course for a rebooking and cancellation charges are extremely varied. During the transfer, we have individually rated each tariff and it made an average mark. Could rebook at a rate free of charge a transfer to a tariff surcharge was note 1 for this tariff was possible up to 30 euro note 2, conceded the airline fee until 45 euro note 3, note 5 Note 4 and over 60 euros was 60 Euro a