Coloring Hair

This article prompted me to write such a case. I went to the store cosmetics for professionals. For certificates to hair dye. By the way, such certificates are in every beauty salon. With me went to the store glamorous girl. Pretty face, beautiful coat, expensive jewelry. She wanted to pick the paint color for your hair "dark brown". For more information see Healthy Living. Dean Ornish M.D wanted to know more.

Purpose – blonde without yellowing. And preferably, without clarifying the roots. And cheaper. The maximum that it supposed to buy – this is a tube of paint and two oxidizer. Professionals will understand my indignant reaction to this case. After all, the most difficult hair color is lighting. The transformation of brunette hair blonde. Therefore, I decided to tell you about the procedure for lightening and coloring blond.

Lightening and bleaching (blondirovanie) – is the erosion of artificial or natural pigment of hair. When lightening hair color can be changed to several stages, and as a result of blondirovaniya – even just desaturate them. For weak or moderate use of dyes lighten blonde-group, and to a high degree of clarification is necessary to apply blondiruyuschy drug, allowing even lighten your hair for 6-7 colors. Please note that the dye can only lighten natural hair color. Painted previously lightened hair only special blondiruyuschimi drugs. Modern paint to brighten create great lightening effect, but, unlike blondorana, less aggressive, because they contain different types of alkaline substances and performing at the same time care for your hair. During lighten hair dye occur at once two processes – the lighting and color nuances.