Community Auction – Lowest Bid

the auction for everyone – tawenga wins the lowest bid, in which the smallest bid WINS, has launched the first auction on the 04.05.09. A related site: Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Jr. mentions similar findings. Every man for his second-hand or new article can now set an auction on tawenga. Whether cars, real estate, computers, cell phones, jewelry, coupons, etc. Just and fair: The smallest, unique bid wins the auction. If not enough bids were made, the auction provider receives 90% of the displayed amount 10% and the auction winner. The article remains of course the auction provider. Anonymous and transparent: You can submit anonymous online your bid on tawenga, about sending your bid via postcard or through free promotions.

Transparency through tips and charts. Good reasons to participate: profitable and secure. Easy and exciting. Anonymous participation. German law for all. tawenga was founded in Munich in December 2008 and not only offers completely new possibilities for the organisation of fair and transparent auctions for the Internet and this completely free of charge for the organizers but even with revenue guarantee! We organize the entire process of auctions for individuals and businesses, aiming to reach a maximum satisfaction for everyone involved. Theodor Fleidl